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Location of Føyno in Hordaland

Føyno is an inhabited island south-west of Stord, part of Stord municipality in Norway.

Føyno and the bridge

The island was joined to the mainland in December 2000, via Sveio in the south, through the Bømlafjord tunnel and Stord to the north via the Stord bridge. The bridge takes the E39 traffic as part of the Triangle Link. The toll station for this link is on Føyno.

Føyno had a central place in Sunnhordland in the Middle Ages, and gave its name to the skipreide of Føyen.

Coordinates: 59°44′21″N 05°24′39″E / 59.73917°N 5.41083°E / 59.73917; 5.41083