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Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg was the name applied to two historical states in southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Both Counties were named after the state of Fürstenberg and the castle of the same name. The first County was created as a partition of the County of Fürstenberg in 1408. After the death of its only Count, Henry VIII, it was partitioned between Fürstenberg-Baar and Fürstenberg-Geisingen. The second state emerged as a partition of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen in 1704. It was raised to a Principality in 1716, and was partitioned between itself and Fürstenberg-Pürglitz in 1762 after the death of Prince Joseph William Ernest. When Prince Charles Joachim, the last of the Fürstenberg-Fürstenbergian Princes, died in 1804, the County was inherited by the Princes of Fürstenberg-Pürglitz.

Heads of state[edit]

Count (1408–41)[edit]

  • Henry VII (1408–41)

Count (1704–16)[edit]

  • Joseph William Ernest (1704–16)

Princes (1716–1804)[edit]

  • Joseph William Ernest (1716–62)
  • Joseph Wenceslaus (1762–83)
  • Joseph Maria Benedict (1783–96)
  • Charles Joachim (1796–1804)