Fūrin Kazan (Taiga drama)

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Fūrin Kazan (Taiga drama)
Format History Action drama
Written by Sumio Ōmori
Directed by Kazuhiko Shimizu
Starring Masaaki Uchino
Theme music composer Akira Senju
Opening theme Ken Takaseki and NHK Symphony Orchestra
Composer(s) Akira Senju
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 50
Executive producer(s) Hisaaki Wakaizumi
Running time approx. 43 min.
Original channel NHK
Picture format NTSC 14:9 (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run January 7, 2007 – December 16, 2007

Fūrin Kazan (風林火山?) was the 46th NHK Taiga drama beginning on January 7, 2007. It was aired throughout 2007.

The story, to a large extent, was an adaptation of Yasushi Inoue's 1959 historical novel of the same title (published in English under the title The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan[1]). The four characters of the title, from left to right are wind, woods, fire, and mountain. The title is a reference to the war banner used by Takeda Shingen, which in turn was taken from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. It means "Swift as the Wind, Silent as a Forest, Fierce as Fire and Immovable as a Mountain."


Like many of the previous Taiga dramas, Fūrin Kazan deals with the Sengoku period. Based on Yasushi Inoue's novel by the same title, it depicts the life of Yamamoto Kansuke who is known as one of Takeda Shingen's renowned strategists.


  • Original : Yasushi Inoue
  • Screenwriter : Sumio Ōmori
  • Music : Akira Senju
  • Titling : Kōji Kakinuma
  • Narrator : Sachiko Kagami
  • Historical research : Shunroku Shibatsuji
  • Architectural research : Sei Hirai
  • Clothing research : Kiyoko Koizumi
  • Production coordinator : Hisaaki Wakaizumi
  • Director : Kazuhiko Shimizu


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