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Fällt Publishing
Founded 1995
Founder Christopher Murphy
W. Conrad Röntgen
Genre Experimental
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Hillsborough (1995 – present)
Official website http://www.fallt.com

Fällt is an independent publishing house specialising in experimental music, fine art, design and criticism. Established in the mid-1990s by Christopher Murphy and W. Conrad Röntgen as a publishing vehicle for experimental multidisciplinary works, Fällt ceased publishing in 2010, but continues to exist as an online archive of works, available in a variety of digital formats (MP3, PDF, ASCII…).

Early contributors to the Fällt catalogue included Christophe Behrens, Otaku Yakuza and Anton van Leewenhoek (1969–1999) who, together with the organisation's founders, shaped its idiosyncratic output. Since 2000, the organisation has collaborated with over one hundred artists worldwide including: Pita, Pimmon, Taylor Deupree, Richard Chartier, Akira Rabelais, Stephan Mathieu and regular design partners Fehler and Alorenz.

At the turn of the millennium, Fällt's attention shifted primarily to audio experiments, in particular the emerging field of 'microsound'. Notable releases included Pimmon's 'Assembler' which sought to challenge the boundaries of where a conventional CD might exist; and the celebrated 24 CD boxed set the 'invalidObject Series' described in The Wire (magazine), by Philip Sherburne as, "A remarkable document of a vibrant artistic community and a critical moment in the evolution of digital music."

The 'invalidObject Series' encapsulated many of Fällt's underlying concerns, including: a systems-underpinned approach; an emphasis on collaboration; and exploring methods of making high quality works available in a variety of formats to a variety of audiences - ranging from paid for, limited editions in hardware format (physical objects) to free, unlimited editions in software format (downloadable objects).

Writing for Stylus Magazine, Michael Heumann, stated: "Fällt is one of the more daring labels in electronic music, having released the fascinating 'invalidObject Series' featuring some of the biggest names in electronic music and the truly remarkable 'Invisible Cities' sound installation which consists of five-minute field recordings from different cities around the world."

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