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Fårösund is located in Gotland
Coordinates: 57°52′N 19°03′E / 57.867°N 19.050°E / 57.867; 19.050Coordinates: 57°52′N 19°03′E / 57.867°N 19.050°E / 57.867; 19.050
Country Sweden
Province Gotland
County Gotland County
Municipality Gotland Municipality
 • Total 2.89 km2 (1.12 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Total 816
 • Density 282/km2 (730/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Fårösund is a locality situated in Gotland Municipality, Gotland County, Sweden with 816 inhabitants in 2010.[1] The village can be reached by car from Visby. The little island of Fårö can be reached by ferry from Fårösund.

Fårösund is the northernmost town in the municipality of Gotland in Gotland County, about 56 km north of Visby. Fårösund is situated on the seafront overlooking the island of Fårö and is visited by tourists during the summer, but is usually a quiet community in the autumn, winter and spring. Until the mid-1900s it was a small quiet resort as well as a ferry terminal for ferries to Fårö. The regiment KA 3 established in 1937 began an economic boom in the city, including a new shipyard. The regiment, however, was dissolved in the year 2000. Today, the old military regiment area is demilitarized and used by many companies that have started since the regiment was closed.

Fårösund is also the name of the strait between Gotland's "mainland" and Fårö.


The following sports clubs are located in Fårösund:

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