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Fís Nua
Leader None
Founded June 2010
Political position Left Wing[1]
Local Government
0 / 1,627
Politics of Ireland
Political parties

Fís Nua is a minor political party in Ireland.

The party was formed in June 2010, mainly by former members of the Green Party who were unhappy with that party's participation in the then coalition government with Fianna Fáil. Fís Nua intended to campaign on the issues of political transparency, environmental issues and social justice, and hoped to draw support from existing supporters of both the Greens and the Labour Party.[2][3]

The party was registered on 4 February 2011,[4] and on the following day it was announced that they would run six candidates in the 2011 general election.[5]

"Fís Nua" translates from Irish as "New Vision".[3] Fís Nua are not to be confused with a separate organisation called New Vision, which also ran candidates in the 2011 general election.[6][7]

Fís Nua previously had one town councillor in Wicklow, Pat Kavanagh, who was elected as a member of the Green Party, but quit that party and ran in the 2011 election as a Fís Nua candidate.[8] Pat Kavanagh is now an Independent.[9]

Electoral history[edit]

The party ran five candidates in the 2011 general election: one each in Dublin Central, Dublin South–East and Waterford and two in Wicklow.[10][11][12] At the press launch on 5 February the party announced that it would also contest Cork South–West and but their candidate failed to be nominated by the deadline of 9 February.[5][13]

Although registered on 4 February 2011, the party's name did not appear on the ballot, as the Register of Political Parties in use was that in force on 1 February when the writ for the general election was issued.[14]

Constituency Candidate 1st Pref. votes  % 1st Pref. votes Notes
Dublin Central[15] Liam Johnston 48 0.1% Eliminated after first count
Dublin South–East[16] Peadar Ó Ceallaigh 18 0.1% Eliminated after first count
Waterford[17] Ben Nutty 257 0.5% Eliminated after third count
Wicklow[18] Pat Kavanagh 291 0.4% Eliminated after eighth count
Gerry Kinsella 324 0.5% Eliminated after ninth count

All candidates polled less than 5% of the vote. Dublin South-East candidate, Peadar Ó Ceallaigh, polled the lowest first prefence vote of all the candidates in the election and the second lowest on record.[19]

The party contested the Dublin West by-election held in October 2011. This was the first election at which the party's name appeared on the ballot paper.[20] The party's candidate, Peadar Ó Ceallaigh, came last of the 13 candidates, securing 40 votes or 0.1% of the total first preferences.[21][22]


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