Fósforos de Oxford

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Fósforos de Oxford
Studio album by Cabine C
Released 1986
Recorded 1986
Genre Post-punk, gothic rock
Label RPM Discos
Producer Luiz Schiavon

Fósforos de Oxford (Portuguese for Matches from Oxford) is the only album by Brazilian post-punk band Cabine C. It was released in 1986, under RPM Discos label. RPM Discos was created by Brazilian band RPM, and it was the only album to be released by them.

Due to RPM's first break-up, the album suffered extremely poor sales due to the lack of promotion. RPM Discos closed down as well. This made Cabine C disband (one year after its foundation).[1]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Ciro Pessoa, all music composed by Cabine C.

No. Title English title Length
1. "Pânico e Solidão"   Panic and Loneliness 2:33
2. "Lapso de Tempo"   Time Lapse 2:07
3. "Anos"   Years 3:01
4. "Jardim das Gueixas"   Garden of the Geishas 4:43
5. "A Queda do Solar de Usher" (instrumental) The Fall of the House of Usher 2:41
6. "Lágrimas"   Tears 2:36
7. "Opus 2" (instrumental)   3:04
8. "Tão Perto"   So Close 2:35
9. "Soldadas"   Soldier Women 3:21
10. "Neste Deserto"   In This Desert 3:50
11. "Fósforos de Oxford" (instrumental) Matches from Oxford 2:10



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