Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf HBC

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Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf
Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf.jpg
Founded 1891 (as part of Reinickendorfer Füchse)
Arena Max-Schmeling-Halle
Capacity 9,000
Head coach Dagur Sigurðsson
League Handball-Bundesliga
2013–14 5th
Club colours          
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf are a professional handball club from Berlin, Germany, that currently compete in the Handball-Bundesliga, the highest national league.


Until 2005, the club was organized as handball department of Reinickendorfer Füchse. For the 2005–06 season, the branding was changed to Füchse Berlin, in an effort to establish the club as a leading sports team of Berlin alongside Hertha BSC (football), Eisbären Berlin (ice hockey) and Alba Berlin (basketball). This coincided with the move to Max-Schmeling-Halle (Berlin's second biggest indoor sports venue), which is dubbed Fuchsbau (burrow in English). In 2007, the Füchse secured the championship in the Zweite Handball-Bundeliga, the second highest German league, thus advancing to Handball-Bundesliga, which the club has stayed in ever since. In 2014 the team won the DHB Cup, its first major trophy.

Current squad[edit]

The Füchse goalkeepers: Silvio Heinevetter and Petr Štochl (2010)
No. Nationality Name Position
12 Germany Silvio Heinevetter Goalkeeper
71 Czech Republic Petr Štochl Goalkeeper
2 Germany Colja Löffler Center
3 Norway Stian Vatne Left Backcourt
4 Denmark Torsten Laen Center
5 Germany Martin Murawski Left Wing
9 Croatia Denis Špoljarić Center Backcourt
10 Poland Michał Kubisztal Left/Center Backcourt
11 Germany Markus Richwien Right Wing
17 Austria Konrad Wilczynski Left Wing
18 Spain Iker Romero Left/Center Backcourt
21 Netherlands Mark Bult Center Backcourt
22 Germany Fabian Böhm Right/Center Backcourt
23 Germany Johannes Sellin Right Wing
24 Poland Bartłomiej Jaszka Center Backcourt
27 Croatia Ivan Ninčević Left Wing
66 Germany Sven-Sören Christophersen Left/Center Backcourt


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