Fülane Hatun

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Fülane Hatun
Spouse Suleiman the Magnificent
Issue Şehzade Ahmet
Fatma Sultan
Şehzade Mahmud
Raziye Sultan
Full name
Fülane Hatun
House House of Osman
Father  ?
Abdulah Bey
Born 1496
Died 1550
Edirne, Ottoman Empire
Religion Islam

Fülane Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: فولاني خاتون) (born 1496 - died 1550) was a consort to Suleiman the Magnificent. She was the mother of Şehzade Ahmet, Fatma Sultan, Şehzade Mahmud and Raziye Sultan. No connection with the wifes of Murad II and Mehmed the Conqueror known by the same name.


Her real name is unknown. "Fulani" is used as a compliment for women. She was born in 1496. She was Greek, i.e. Rum (Greek language:Ρωμιά), from Smyrna. She was Suleiman's first concubine. She entered the harem in or around 1510. Suleiman was still a Sehzade or ("Ottoman prince") and the governor of Manisa sanjak (then known as Saruhan) when she gave birth to her son Şehzade Mahmud in 1512 . But in 1521 at the age of nine he died because of smallpox and she was sent to the old palace. She died in 1550 in [[Edirne].

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