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Germany "Für alle"
Eurovision Song Contest 1985 entry
Country Germany
Artist(s) Rainer Höglmeier, Petra Scheeser, Sami Kalifa, Willi Jakob, Alexander 'Ala' Heiler
As Wind
Composer(s) Hanne Haller
Lyricist(s) Hanne Haller
Conductor Reiner Pietsch
Finals performance
Final result 2nd
Final points 105
Appearance chronology
◄ "Aufrecht geh'n" (1984)   
"Über die Brücke geh'n" (1986) ►

"Für alle" (English translation: "For Everyone") was the German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985, performed in German by Wind. It had beat Grün Grün Grün (English translation: "Green Green Green" by the singer Caro Pukke which had finished 4th. Other contestants were Danny Fischer, Bernd Clüver, Jürgen Renfordt, Christian Franke, Peter Wyoming Bender and Susan Schubert.

The song was performed tenth on the night (following Portugal's Adelaide with "Penso em ti, eu sei" and preceding Israel's Izhar Cohen with "Olé, Olé"). At the close of voting, it had received 105 points, placing 2nd in a field of 19.

The song is a tribute to all those who never give up hope, despite the pressures put on them by the world around them. Wind also recorded the song in English (as "For Everyone"), French ("Pour tout le monde") and - very unusually - in Swedish ("Så många människor", translated: "So Many People").

It was succeeded as German representative at the 1986 Contest by Ingrid Peters with "Über Die Brücke Geh'n". Wind returned to the contest in 1987, performing "Lass die Sonne in dein Herz", and again in 1992 with "Träume sind für alle da".

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