Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution

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Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution
(Fūun Ishin Dai Shōgun)
Genre Action, historical, Harem
Anime television series
Directed by Takashi Watanabe
Written by Dai Satō
Studio J.C.Staff, A.C.G.T
Network Tokyo MX, SUN, BS11, KBS, MTV, TVS, CTC, tvk, GBS, TVQ
Original run April 9, 2014 – ongoing
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Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution (風雲維新ダイ☆ショーグン Fūun Ishin Dai Shōgun?) is a mecha anime television series, directed by Takashi Watanabe and animated by J.C.Staff and A.C.G.T. It began airing on April 9, 2014 on Tokyo MX.[1] The mecha design is by Makoto Ishiwata of Nitroplus.


The series takes place in an alternate version of Japan where the Meiji Restoration never happened. Instead, the foreign ships were repelled by ancient giant robots called Onigami. Japan has since remained isolated from the rest of the world.


Keiichirō Tokugawa (徳川 慶一郎 Tokugawa Keiichirō?)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara

Main hero raised in a public bathhouse in Nagasaki. He can't control his fiery energy to become the strongest man, and spends his days taking on fights. He has dominated Nagasaki, but is not satisfied. There is a certain reason for which he breaks out in hives when he touches women, and that is why he is still a virgin. However, he does not know that being a virgin has great meaning to him.

Kiriko Hattori (服部 霧子 Hattori Kiriko?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

Female ninja from Iga. She was raised with strict discipline as a ninja to carry out missions with loyalty and in cold blood. For hits reason, she lacks human emotions such as sympathizing with others. Her actions place highest priority on the Tokugawa Shogun family and the mission, which leads to many conflicts with Keiichiro.

Chiharu (ちはる?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura

She looks like a sweet little girl, but is actually half fox demon and half human. Her bushy tail is always sticking out from behind. She is a tomboy with and unyielding spirit, but has long lived as a social outcast because she is half demon. She meets Keiichiro and starts to change as she develops an affection for him.

Hyakusuke (百助?)
Voiced by: Hideki Ogihara

Keiichiro's “sworn brother” who adores him unconditionally and is always accompanying him. He's not a fighter at all, but is fanatical about foreign countries and machinery and has invented many new machines. Physically weak, but tries desperately to support Keiichiro. He is proud of his slicked topknot hairstyle.

Template:Hyougo Asai
Hōkōin (法光院?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

A voluptuous and beautiful “mystery woman.” She talks like an Oiran (courtesan), and everything she says is erotic. She confronts Keiichiro and Kiriko several times for a particular purpose. Master of kung fu and uses a giant iron fan.

Hideyoshi Hitotsubashi
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Succession strife, Keiichirō appears!"
"Yotsugi sōran, Keiichirō tōjō!" (世継ぎ騒乱、慶一郎登場!) 
April 9, 2014
A series of incidents occur throughout town, where men are serially murdered by a mysterious prostitute. When the culprit is found, she reveals that her ultimate target is Keiichirō, the successor to the Tokugawa household. It is revealed that only Keiichirō has the ability to pilot the giant robot Susanoo buried underneath the town. 
2 "The alluring red-light district, and the foxy Chiharu!"
"Senjō no hanamachi, yōko no Chiharu!" (扇情の花街、妖狐のちはる!) 
April 16, 2014
In an attempt to spend the night with a woman, Keiichirō visits the red-light district, only to get his wallet stolen by a hostess who is really a fox spirit. 
3 "The sex witch Hōkōin strikes!"
"Tōsaku no sei ma, hōkōin shūrai!" (倒錯の性魔、法光院襲来!) 
April 23, 2014
4 "The vicious crossdressing swordsman, Asai Hyōgo!"
"Karetsunaru dansō kenshi, Asai Hyōgo!" (苛烈なる男装剣士、浅井兵庫!) 
April 30, 2014


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