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F(x) Pink Tape teaser Image.jpg
f(x)'s Teaser image for their second album, "Pink Tape". From left to right: Amber, Krystal, Sulli, Victoria and Luna.
Background information
Also known as 에프엑스, Function Girls
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop, K-pop, electropop, dance-pop
Years active 2009–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment (South Korea)
Avex (Japan)[1]
Avex Taiwan (Taiwan-R.O.C.)
United Asia Management
Associated acts SM Town
Website fx.smtown.com
Members Victoria
Korean name
Hangul 에프엑스
Revised Romanization Epeuekseu
McCune–Reischauer Epŭeksŭ

f(x) (/ˌɛf ˈɛks/; Korean: 에프엑스, rom. epeuekseu) is a five-member multi-national K-pop girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2009. The quintet composes Chinese leader Victoria, Taiwanese-American member Amber, Korean members Luna and Sulli, and Korean-American member Krystal. Debuting as "Asia's Pop Dance Group", the group made their debut on September 5, 2009, with release of the digital single "LA chA TA". f(x) released their first single album Chu~♡ in November 2009. Later in 2010, they released their first EP Nu ABO in May 2010 to growing popularity. After the members expand individually in the entertainment industry, they returned with the their first studio album Pinocchio in April 2011. The lead single off the album "Pinocchio (Danger)" gained their first music program win and was their first song to win the triple crown, which led to its first repackaged album "Hot Summer".

Their second EP Electric Shock was released June 10, 2012. Electric Shock reached the number one spot on both the US and Canadian iTunes electronic albums chart soon after its release.[2] The lead single off their EP gained significant popularity and acclaim, domestically sweeping digital charts.[3]

Later in March 2013, f(x) got the honor of being the first Kpop group to perform at 2013 SXSW South By Southwest.[4] Their second album, Pink Tape, released July 29, received critical accalaim & huge success, being described "experimental, steeped in quirky, boundary-pushing electronic sounds with woozy harmonies", thus being the only Kpop album released in 2013 to be ranked as "The Best 40 Albums of 2013", by Fuse TV, an American music channel.[5] Rum Pum Pum Pum marks f(x)'s first lead single to sweep all 9 Korean charts soon after its release.[6]


The group name originates from the Mathematical notation for function, which member Krystal defined that their aim is to change and adapt into many situations.[7] Member Amber confessed that aside from f(x), they had attempts on other names like "flower", "meow" and "bomb". The members are often nicknamed "function girls" with the fact that their name is a notation for function. Notably, the members' name are often replacing the "x", sometimes written like: f(Sulli).


Casting and pre-debut[edit]

Krystal Jung was first spotted by S.M. Entertainment in 2000 on a family visit to Korea, which earned her a small role in Shinhwa's "Wedding March (Neoui Gyeoteseo 2)" (너의 곁에서 2) music video. Sulli debuted as a child actress in 2005 when she was selected to play young Princess Sun-hwa in the SBS television drama, The Ballad of Seo-dong.[8] In 2006, the agency recruited Luna after seeing her perform on the television program Truth Game.[9] Victoria was spotted by one of S.M. Entertainment's agents at a Beijing dance competition in September 2007, and later joined the company. Two months later, Amber was cast through S.M. Global Auditions in Los Angeles, California, where she was one of two selected to become trainees.

f(x)'s performances of "Chocolate Love" at an LG CYON Showcase.

2009: Debut, LA chA TA and Chu~♡[edit]

f(x) was introduced as "Asia's Pop Dance Group" through a YouTube video teaser released on August 24, 2009. For five days, S.M. revealed information about the group through news portals and posted photos of each member on their official website. Their debut single, "LA chA TA", was released on September 1, 2009. Following their first performance at the Samseong-dong Fashion Center on September 2, 2009, the music video for the single was screened and released online the next day. The group's first broadcast performance of "LA chA TA" was held on the September 5, 2009 broadcast of MBC's Show! Music Core.

f(x) with Girls' Generation at a showcase for the LG Chocolate cellphone

In October, f(x) promoted the LG Chocolate cellphone alongside label mates Girls' Generation.[10] Both groups released their own rendition of the song "Chocolate Love", with f(x)'s being an electro-pop version, on October 8, 2009. The group released their first physical single, "Chu~♡", on November 9, 2009, and a month later they appeared as special guests at Girls' Generation's Into the New World concert held at the Olympic Fencing Gymnasium on December 19 and 20, 2009.

2010: NU ABO and rising popularity[edit]

In January 2010, f(x) collaborated with Chinese boy band M.I.C. to promote the LG Cyon cellphone. They released a Chinese cover of "Lollipop", written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross, on January 2, 2010. The group released their first extended play, Nu ABO, on May 4, 2010. Consisting of six tracks, the lead single "Nu ABO" topped various online music portal charts in Korea,[11] and also become one of the Gaon Chart's weekly number-one singles. The group held their first performance of the song on KBS's Music Bank on May 7, 2010.[12]

Amber went on hiatus in June due to an ankle injury, with remaining group activities of the year carried out without her. The group began performing "Mr. Boogie", from Nu ABO, on music shows starting on July 17, 2010. f(x) participated in the SMTown Live '10 World Tour on August 21, 2010, at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. They also performed in Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Paris on later dates.[13] This marks the first time f(x) and their fellow label mates have performed outside of Asia. Avex Entertainment and SM Entertainment Japan released a statement about the renewal of the contracts of S.M. artists who were signed to the label on November 24, 2010. It stated that f(x) is now signed to Avex, and their albums will be released under the label in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.[1]

2011: Pinocchio[edit]

In early 2011, it was announced by S.M. Entertainment that f(x) were planning to release a studio album in the first half of the year.[14] Their member Amber had returned from the U.S. after her hiatus as well. The first teaser photo for their full-length studio album Pinocchio was released on April 7, 2011. The music video teaser for their lead single "Pinocchio (Danger)", a remake of Kristine Elezaj's "Razor",[15] was released on April 15, 2011. The album was released on April 20, 2011, and the group held their performance of the single on the April 22, 2011 broadcast of KBS's Music Bank. f(x) achieved eight wins with "Pinocchio (Danger)" on various music shows.

The group re-released their first full length album on June 14, 2011, under the title Hot Summer. The album came with the eleven original songs and the new track "Hot Summer", a remake of a Monrose song written by Thomas Troelsen and Remee,[15] and their previous digital singles "La Cha Ta", "Chu~♥" and "Is It Ok?".[16] In August 2011, f(x) released an OST song called "Garagabana" for the online game Bust-a-Move,[17] and in December 2011, they released an English song entitled "1, 2, 3" as part of the 2011 Winter SMTown – The Warmest Gift album.[18]

2012: Electric Shock and Japanese debut[edit]

A sample of f(x)'s "Electric Shock"

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f(x) released their second EP titled Electric Shock on June 10, 2012,[19] after releasing a series of teaser images and a music teaser.[20] f(x) began promotions for "Electric Shock" starting on M! Countdown on June 14, 2012, where they also performed "Jet" as part of the special comeback stage. f(x) ended their promotions on July 15, 2012 achieving 9 musical wins, and began preparing for their Japanese debut. They released a Japanese remake of "Hot Summer" in mid-August, which was also selected as the commercial background song for Uminoie Resort.[21]

At the press conference for 10th Annual Korean Music Awards on January 29, 2013, it was announced that the songs "Electric Shock" and "Jet", both from their Electric Shock EP were nominated for Best Dance and Electronic Song. In regards to the two songs being nominated in the same category, a representative of the KMAs stated, "This is due to the corresponding songs having excellent music reviews and rather than disregarding them because it is from the same artist, we chose to recognize their excellence".[22][23]

2013: Pink Tape[edit]

On March 6 Sulli hinted on her me2day about f(x)'s comeback.[24][25] f(x) performed at the 2013 SXSW South By Southwest festival held in Austin, Texas from March 8 to March 17, 2013, being the first K-pop artist to perform at the event.[26] fuse listed f(x) as one of the "30 Must-See Acts at SXSW 2013."[27][28] While in the U.S. f(x) flew to Los Angeles from SXSW to practice choreography for their second album with Kevin Maher. Maher and Amber later tweeted pictures of them rehearsing. Maher's dance assistant Sohey Sugihara also posted two pictures of him and Maher with f(x) on Instagram.[29] On their last day in the U.S. the group filmed a Funny or Die sketch with Anna Kendrick.[30]

In late May 2013 a S.M. representative said that, "A comeback during this first half of the year appears difficult for f(x). We are at the peak of album production for a comeback during the second half of the year." f(x) are expected to release their second album in late July. They recently performed at the 2013 Hong Kong Dome Festival on July 1, with new hairstyles. On July 17, 2013, f(x) released a promotional video trailer for their second full-length album Pink Tape, which was released on July 29, 2013, coming up with twelve original tracks and Rum Pum Pum Pum as their lead single. On December 2013, an influential American Music Channel Fuse chose Pink Tape as one of the only K-POP albums for ‘The 41 Best Albums of 2013’.[31] Also, Rum Pum Pum Pum ranked #3 on Billboard's "20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2013".[32]


Stage name Full name Date of birth
Name Hangul Romanized Hangul/Hanja
Victoria 빅토리아 Song Qian 송치엔/宋茜 (1987-02-02) February 2, 1987 (age 27)[33]
Amber 엠버 Amber Josephine Liu 유일운/劉逸雲 (1992-09-18) September 18, 1992 (age 21)[34]
Luna 루나 Park Sun-Young 박선영/朴善英 (1993-08-12) August 12, 1993 (age 20)[35]
Sulli 설리 Choi Jin-Ri 최진리/崔雪莉 (1994-03-29) March 29, 1994 (age 20)[36]
Krystal 크리스탈 Jung Soo-Jung/Krystal Jung 정수정/鄭秀晶 (1994-10-24) October 24, 1994 (age 19)[37]

Imagery and artistry[edit]

A sample of f(x)'s "Electric Shock"

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f(x) is known for demonstrating challenging dance moves, thus SHINee's Jonghyun complemented that their first singles' choreography (such as LAchATA, Chu~♡ and NU ABO) were "legendary hard & epic". Later in singles like Pinocchio (Danger), Hot Summer, Electric Shock and Rum Pum Pum Pum, choreography were simplified. f(x) is also praised for their consistency in their electronic music. Their fashion style in singles like LAchATA, NU ABO and Electric Shock shows their fashion styles as different. Later in singles like Chu~♡, Pinocchio (Danger), Hot Summer, and Rum Pum Pum Pum shows various scenes with the members wearing one-styled fashion clothes (like in Chu, they had 'Blue', while in Hot Summer and Rum Pum Pum Pum, they had red, and 'Pinocchio' they had a pink lip printed cloth).


Studio albums
EP albums

Concert tours[edit]


Supporting act[edit]


Year Title Notes Role
2012 "I AM." Documentary of SMTown Live '11 World Tour in New York As themselves
Television series
Year Title Notes
2010 Hello f(x) f(x) travel to Africa, Thailand, and Japan.
2010–11 f(x)'s Koala Amber didn't participate in the series due to an ankle injury.
2010–present Star King Members have recurring roles on the show.
2013 Amazing f(x) f(x) travel to New Zealand to complete their bucket lists.
2013 Go! f(x) The show highlights f(x)'s trip to Austin, LA, and Hollywood.

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