F-1 Grand Prix (video game series)

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F-1 Grand Prix
Arcade flyer of F-1 Grand Prix.
Arcade flyer of F1 Grand Prix, the first game in the series.
Genres Simulation-style racing games
Developers Video System
Publishers Video System

F-1 Grand Prix (エフワングランプリ)?) is a series of video games developed and published by Video System. The series is based on the seasonal television series by Fuji Television and FOCA. It was also influenced by Video System's 1989 arcade racing game, Tail to Nose: Great Championship (known in Japan as Super Formula: Chijō Saisoku no Battle), and started with an Arcade game in 1991. The series was later brought to home consoles from the Super Famicom to the Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast platforms. The music of the games were mostly composed by Naoki Itamura, and some titles in the series feature the song TRUTH by T-Square. In 1998, the series later shifted from a top-viewed racing game to a 3D polygon-based simulation-style racing game beginning with the release of F-1 World Grand Prix.


The following is a list of games released in the series. Most of the series was released exclusively in Japan.

Japanese Title English Title System Year
F-1グランプリ F-1 Grand Prix Arcade
Super Famicom
F-1グランプリ PART 2 F-1 Grand Prix Part II Arcade
Super Famicom
F-1グランプリ PART 3 F-1 Grand Prix Part III Super Famicom 1994
SDF-1グランプリ SD F-1 Grand Prix Super Famicom 1995
F-1ワールドグランプリ F-1 World Grand Prix N64
1998 - 2001
F-1ワールドグランプリII F-1 World Grand Prix II N64


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