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Full name Football Club Neapolis
Nickname(s) I Torresi (The Ones from Torre)
I Corallini (The Coral)
Founded 1936 (Football Club Sangiuseppese)
2008 (Football Club Neapolis Mugnano)
2012 (Football Club Torre Neapolis 1944)
Ground Stadio Amerigo Liguori,
Torre del Greco, Italy
Ground Capacity 5,300
Chairman Mario Moxedano
Manager Franco Fabiano
League Serie D/H
2012-13 Serie D/G, 2nd (as Torre Neapolis)

F.C. Neapolis is an Italian association football club located in Torre del Greco, Campania. They currently play in Serie D.


Brief history[edit]

It was founded in 1936 in San Giuseppe Vesuviano as Football Club Sangiuseppese and it played here from 1936 until 2008.

After its bankruptcy in 2008 it was taken over and renamed Football Club Neapolis Mugnano and played in Mugnano di Napoli until 2011, moving area slightly and changed its colours to white and blue. During the 2009-10 season, they achieved promotion respectively into Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

At the end of the 2010-2011 season, the club merged with A.S.D. Virtus Frattese of Frattamaggiore changing its denomination to Football Club Neapolis Frattese and transferring their seat to Frattamaggiore. The club also changed its colours to black with a white star, reflecting the historical colors of Frattese.[1]

From 1936 to today[edit]


The club started its life as Football Club Sangiuseppese, it was founded in 1936[2] in the Province of Naples town San Giuseppe Vesuviano. The club wore yellow and blue shirts, known in Italy as gialloblù, starting their league performances in Terza Divisione. These early seasons were not very successful and the club commonly finished bottom.

Sangiuseppese eventually gained promotion to Seconda Divisione in 1939,[2] their efforts in Second Divisione saw them reach the quarter-finals of the end-grouping. For a brief period after World War II, the club played in Serie C for the 1946–47 and 1947–48 seasons. After that the club fell into obscurity.

Club crest of Sangiuseppese.

1970–71 saw the club return to more notable success, they were competing in Seconda Categoria and won promotion from it to the Prima Categoria. Four years after this, the club achieved another promotion and they were placed into the Promozione Campania; club trainers during this period included Montalto, Improta, Sgambato, Ambrosio and Lovless respectively.[2]

Sangiuseppese won promotion up into the Interregionale league after 1980–81, today's equivalent is Serie D. Spilabotte's goals helped the club during the two seasons they spent up in it. They competed against clubs such as Crotone, Juve Stabia and Savoia before being relegated.

The relegation itself in 1982–83 was difficult for the club to take as two teams who survived had the same amount of points as them, but Sangiuseppese had a worse goal difference. After their relegation the club played in regional competitions such as Promozione Campania and would only gain promotion from it in 1988–89.

Pro Sangiuseppese in Serie C2[edit]

For the first time in their history, the club gained promotion from Serie D after just one season back in the league, this meant Sangiuseppese would be competing in Serie C2. In this division they performed respectably, ending 3rd in their first season, missing out on promotion to Ischia Isolaverde and Acireale.

The following two seasons, they did not pose a threat in the championship race, but consistently finished in the top half of the table. By 1994 the club had begun to decline in form and just a year later they suffered a relegation to Serie D (known as C.N.D. at the time). They were unable to bounce straight back to Serie C2 and after a mid-table finish, Sangiuseppese became defunct because of financial difficulties in 1996.

However, by 1997 the club had been refounded under the name Pro Sangiuseppese[2] after a team from the city called Scalese took action to rename their club to carry on the legacy of Sangiuseppese; Pro Sangiuseppese started their first season back in the Promozione Campania, which was successfully captured in the 1997–98 season. This was followed up by becoming champions of Eccellenza Campania, beating out Ottaviano by one point.[3]

Into the new millennium Pro Sangiuseppese were back in Serie D, returning with a 4th place finish above established regional sides such as Sorrento and Frosinone. Although promotion eluded them, on the field the 2000s were somewhat of a stable time for the club; they finished in the top 10 for seven consequative seasons. Off the field, Sangiuseppese were having problems and became bankrupt in 2006.

Sporting Neapolis in Serie C2[edit]

Old Sporting Neapolis logo

Mario Moxedano and Ezio Bouchè moved in to take over the club; for a while their name was changed to Football Club Neapolis and then Football Club Sporting Neapolis, moving to Naples (training at Sant'Antimo).[4] But the new name not was recognized by Lega Serie C and many of the former Sangiuseppese players remained at the club.

Neapolis were successful in the 2006–07 season, they achieved promotion from Serie D after beating out competition from Angri and Siracusa. For the next season, the club has played in Serie C2 and shared the Stadio Arturo Collana in the Vomero area of Naples with Internapoli Camaldoli.

Neapolis Mugnano in Lega Pro Seconda Divisione[edit]

At the end of the season 2007-08 the club was relegated back to Serie D and in summer 2008 moved to Stadio Andrea Vallefuoco, located in Mugnano di Napoli.

In 2009-10 Serie D it was promoted to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

Neapolis Frattese and the return to Mugnano[edit]

At the end of the 2010-11 season the club moved to Frattamaggiore changing its name to Football Club Neapolis Frattese.[5]

Anyway, on December 2011, the club returned in Mugnano di Napoli with the previous denomination.[6] In this season it was relegated to Serie D.

Torre Neapolis[edit]

On 12 July 2012 the President Mario Moxedano has transferred the club to the city of Torre del Greco with the new name of F.C. Torre Neapolis 1944.[7][8] in order to continue the soccer history of Turris 1944, after the transfer of its sports title to Real Hyria Nola.

Turris Neapolis[edit]

In the summer 2013 the club changed its name to Turris Neapolis.


In the summer 2014 F.C. Torre Neapolis 1944 acquired the sports title of Turris Neapolis and changed its name to F.C. Neapolis.



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