FAI Women's Cup

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FAI Women's Cup
Founded 1989
Region Republic of Ireland
Current champions Raheny United (2014)
Most successful club(s) Shamrock Rovers (5)
Website FAI

The FAI Women's Cup is the Republic of Ireland's cup competition for women's football teams. It is the women's equivalent of the FAI Cup. As there was no nationwide women's league until late 2011, the cup was of special interest, as it gave teams the only chance to qualify for the UEFA Women's Champions League.


The cup is a straight knock-out tournament. The cup starts in summer and ends in November, thus it is played after the Women's National League season is finished. In the first round, if needed, the best placed teams of the finished season gain a bye to the second round.

List of finals[edit]

The following is a list of all finals:[1]

Year Winner Runner-up Result
1989 Benfica LFC Boyne Rovers
1990 Rathfarnham United Boyne Rovers
1991 Rathfarnham United Belvedere
1992 Welsox Benfica LFC
1993 Benfica LFC College Corinthians
1994 Welsox Verona FC
1995 Rathfarnham United College Corinthians
1996 Castle Rovers O'Connell Chics
1997 Shamrock Rovers Shelbourne
1998 Shamrock Rovers Listowel Celtic
1999 Shamrock Rovers Shelbourne
2000 Shamrock Rovers Bealnamulla
2001 Shamrock Rovers St. Catherine's
2002 University College Dublin Shamrock Rovers 2–1
2003 University College Dublin Lifford (Clare) 2–0
2004 University College Dublin Dundalk 4–1
2005 Dundalk Peamount United 1–0
2006 Mayo University College Dublin 1–0
2007 Galway LL Raheny United 1–0
2008 St Francis FC Peamount United 2–1
2009 St Francis FC St Catherine's 1–0
2010 Peamount United Sathill Devon 4–2
2011[2] St. Catherine Wilton United 3–1
2012 Raheny United Peamount United 2–1
2013 Raheny United Castlebar Celtic 3–2 (a.e.t.)
2014[3] Raheny United UCD Waves 2–1 (a.e.t.)

Most wins[edit]

Wins Team
5 Shamrock Rovers
3 University College Dublin
3 Rathfarnham United
3 Raheny United
2 Welsox
2 St Francis FC
2 Benfica LFC
1 Mayo
1 Galway LL
1 Dundalk
1 Castle Rovers
1 Peamount United
1 St. Catherine


Since 2013, the final has been broadcast on RTE Two live in the Aviva Stadium.


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