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The FA Sunday Cup is a knock-out competition founded in 1964 for English Sunday league football teams.

Prior to 1960 The Football Association did not permit clubs or players under its jurisdiction to take part in competitive football played on Sunday. A change of policy by the governing body in 1960 allowed Sunday leagues to become affiliated to County Associations and, four years later, The FA started the Sunday Cup to allow Sunday players to compete in a national knock-out tournament.[1]

The magnificent Sunday Cup trophy was presented to The FA, initially as a gift to mark its centenary in 1963, by the Shah of Iran. It has a unique design and is a superb example of Persian craftsmanship.

In the Cup's first season (1964–65), teams representing Sunday players in various counties entered with London winning the two-legged final 6-2 against Staffordshire.[1]

In the first final featuring club sides, Ubique United beat Aldridge Fabrications 1–0 in 1965-66.

After The Sunday Cup’s inaugural season, 1,600 requests for entry forms for the following season’s competition were received. Entries for season 2013-14 were 134 but The Sunday Cup, now in its 49th season, continues to serve its primary purpose. It gives Sunday League clubs a chance to compete outside their own locality against clubs at a similar level in a national FA competition. Since then, the competition has been won by 39 different sides.

St Joseph's (Luton) have appeared in a record five finals winning on two occasions but the most successful team is Hetton Lyons Cricket Club FC with 4 wins in 2006-08-10-12. Seven other teams have been successful on two occasions - Carlton United 1967-73, Newtown Unity 1972-74, Fantail 1980-81, Nicosia 1991-2004, St Joseph's (Luton) 1995-96, Oyster Martyrs 2011-13 and Humbledon Plains Farm 1990-2014.

The 2012-2013 final was played between Oyster Martyrs (Liverpool) and Barnes Albion (West Middx) at the Pirelli Stadium home of Burton Albion FC. Oyster lifting the trophy for the second time in three years after a 4-3 victory thanks in part to a hat-trick from captain Leighton McGivern.

The 2013-2014 final saw Oyster Martyrs (Liverpool) return to the final for the fourth time in the last six seasons to play Humbledon Plains Farm (Sunderland) at Ewood Park,Blackburn, but they were unable to stop Humbledon Plains Farm winning 5-2 to claim the trophy for the second time in their history.

Winners and runners-up[edit]

The results of the finals to date:

Season Winner Score Runners-up
1964–65 London 6–2 aggregate Staffordshire
1965–66 Ubique United 1–0 Albridge Fabrications
1966–67 Carlton United 2–0 Stoke Works
1967–68 Drovers 2–0 Brook United
1968–69 Leigh Park 3–1 Loke United
1969–70 Vention United 1–0 Ubique United
1970–71 Becontree Rovers 2–0 Saltley United
1971–72 Newtown Unity 4–0 Springfield Colts
1972–73 Carlton United 2–1 Wear Valley
1973–74 Newtown Unity 3–0 Brentford East
1974–75 Fareham Town Centipedes 1–0 Players Athletic Engineers
1975–76 Brandon United 2–1 Evergreen
1976–77 Langley Park Rams Head 2–0 Newtown Unity
1977–78 Arras 2–1 Lion Rangers
1978–79 Lobster 3–2 Carlton United
1979–80 Fantail 1–0 Twin Foxes
1980–81 Fantail 1–0 Mackintosh
1981–82 Dingle Rail 2–1 Twin Foxes
1982–83 Eagle 1–1, replay 2–1 Lee Chapel North
1983–84 Lee Chapel North 4–3 Eagle
1984–85 Hobbies United 2–2, 1–1 replay, 2–1 second replay Avenue
1985–86 Avenue 1–0 Glenn Sports
1986–87 Lodge Cottrell 1–0 Avenue
1987–88 Nexday 2–0 Humbledon Plains Farm
1988–89 Almathak 3–1 East Levenshulme
1989–90 Humbledon Plains Farm 2–1 Marston Sports
1900–91 Nicosia 3–2 Ouzavich
1991–92 Theale 3–2 Marston Sports
1992–93 Seymour 1–0 Bedfont Sunday
1993–94 Ranelagh Sports 2–0 Hartlepool Lion Hotel
1994–95 St Joseph's (Luton) 2–1 B & A Scaffolding
1995–96 St Joseph's (Luton) 2–1 Croxteth & Gilmoss RBL
1996–97 Marston Sports 1–0 Northwood
1997–98 Olympic Star 1–1, 5–3 penalties St Joseph's (Luton)
1998–99 Little Paxton 2–2, 4–3 penalties St Joseph's (Luton)
1999-00 Prestige Brighams 1–0 Albion Sports
2000–01 Hartlepool Lion Hillcarter 0–0, 3–2 penalties Houghton Centre
2001–02 Britannia 2–0 Little Paxton
2002–03 Duke of York 3–1 Allerton
2003–04 Nicosia 3–1 U K Flooring
2004–05 Gossoms End 3–2 Albion Sports
2005–06 Hetton Lyons Cricket Club 5–3 St Joseph's (Luton)
2006–07 Coundon Conservative 5–0 Lebeq Tavern Courage
2007–08 Hetton Lyons Cricket Club 3–2 Coundon Conservative
2008–09 Scots Grey 4–3 a.e.t Oyster Martyrs
2009–10 Hetton Lyons Cricket Club 4–2 Manget Tavern
2010–11 Oyster Martyrs 1–0 Paddock
2011-12 Hetton Lyons Cricket Club 5-1 Canada
2012-13 Oyster Martyrs 4-3 Barnes Albion
2013-14 Humbledon Plains Farm 5-2 Oyster Martyrs


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