FBM Software

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FBM Software
Type Private
Industry computer software
Founded (2001)
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people David R. Foote, CEO
Products Zerospyware
ZeroSpyware Enterprise
Website www.fbmsoftware.com

FBM Software is a computer security company founded in 2001 by Silicon Valley professionals and headquartered in San Francisco, California[1] but is actually based in Makati, Philippines.[citation needed] It markets ZeroSpyware, an anti-spyware software, and other security, privacy, and productivity solutions for consumers and enterprises. Its products are characterized by their Flash interface and built-in customer support protocol.

The Spyware-Net Threat Research Center, launched by FBM Software in 2003, is one of the foremost anti-spyware research and information networks in the industry.[neutrality is disputed][citation needed]

On November 21, 2005, FBM Software released its corporate anti-spyware client-server software, ZeroSpyware Enterprise.


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