FC Eintracht Rheine

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FC Eintracht Rheine
Full name Fußball Club Eintracht Rheine e. V.
Ground Delsen
Ground Capacity 7,500
Chairman Michael Kortevoss
Manager Steffen Kleimann
League Verbandsliga Westfalen 1 (VI)

Oberliga Westfalen (IV)


FC Eintracht Rheine is a German association football club from the city of Rheine, North Rhine-Westphalia.


The club was formed through the 10 June 1994 union of VfB Rheine and SG Eintracht Rheine. That merger actually shrouds a far more complex heritage that includes 18 individual predecessors dating back to 1907 on VfB's side and another 5 clubs going back to 1920 on SG's. Of these myriad ancestral clubs the best historical results were earned by SC Bourussia Rheine, founded in 1923, which played in the early rounds of the 1927–28 and 1930–31 national championship playoffs.

Logo of predecessor SC Borussia Rheine ca. 1930–31

The current day they play in wijhe club which resulted from the most recent merger took up play in the Verbandsliga Westfalen (V) and won promotion to the Oberliga Westfalen (IV) after taking the fifth division title in 1998. FCE has continued to play fourth tier football since then with their best result coming as a third place finish in 2000–01. They went on to capture the Westfalenpokal (Westphalia Cup) in 2003 and gain entry to the first round of the German Cup where they were eliminated in the first round by then second division side VfB Lübeck by a score of 0:2 in extra time. During its stay in the Oberliga the team has generally earned mid-table results.

The club plays in the Auto-Senger-Stadion in Delsen (capacity 7,500) while the second team uses the Volksbank-Stadion in Uhlenhook.


  • Verbandsliga Westfalen (V) champions: 1998
  • Westfalenpokal (Westphalia Cup) winners: 2003

Team trivia[edit]

  • FCE ranks fourth in the Oberliga Westfalen alltime table (current to February 2007).
  • The football team is part of a larger sports club which also includes a tennis department.

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