FC Suðuroy

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FC Suðuroy
Full name FC Suðuroy
Founded January 1, 2010
Ground Vesturi á Eiðinum Stadium
Vágur, Faroe Islands
Ground Capacity 3,000
Chairman Faroe Islands Julius Vest Joensen
Manager Faroe Islands Jón Johannesen
League Faroe Islands 1. deild
2013 10th (Effodeildin, 2012)

FC Suðuroy is a Faroese Football club, which was founded in January 2010 and consists currently of the former clubs VB Vágur (founded in 1905) and SÍ Sumba (founded in 1949), which merged in 2005 to form VB/Sumba. FC Suðuroy's first team in the men's championship competes in the 1. deild in 2014. All teams play their home games at the Vesturi á Eiðinum Stadium in Vágur.

Effodeildin - Faroe Islands Premier League[edit]

VB/Sumba played in 1. deild (1. division, which is the second tier) in 2009 and won the division. FC Suðuroy therefore played their first season in the Faroe Islands Premier League, which was called Vodafonedeildin from 2009-2011. FC Suðuroy played their first league match on 1 April 2010 against the champions HB Tórshavn. The result was 4-4.[1] FC Suðuroy didn't make it in Vodafonedeildin, they were relegated and played in 1. deild in 2011. They won the division with 70 points[2] and were promoted to Effodeildin along with TB Tvøroyri, which is a club from the same island, Suðuroy.



Current squad[edit]

FC Suðuroy vs B68 Toftir in Effodeildin on 21 April 2012.
FC Suðuroy vs Skála ÍF in the 2012 Faroe Islands Cup

As of March 23, 2014

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Faroe Islands GK Rani N. Johannessen
1 Faroe Islands GK Kári Jacobsen
1 Faroe Islands GK Bjarni á Hólalagi
2 Faroe Islands FW Búi Egilson
3 Faroe Islands MF Kári Kjærbæk
4 Faroe Islands DF Salmundur Bech
5 Faroe Islands DF Dánjal Godtfred
6 Faroe Islands MF Heini Bech
7 Faroe Islands DF Teitur Krosslá Mortensen
8 Faroe Islands FW Heri Kjærbo
9 Faroe Islands MF Palli Augustinussen (captain)
10 Faroe Islands FW Jón Krosslá Poulsen
No. Position Player
13 Faroe Islands DF Suni úr Hørg
14 Faroe Islands FW Patrik Johannesen
15 Faroe Islands MF Eiler Brattalíð
16 Faroe Islands MF Jonn Marni Lindenskov
17 Faroe Islands FW Ari Krosslá Poulsen
19 Faroe Islands DF Bjartur í Lágabø
20 Faroe Islands FW John Tordar Poulsen
Faroe Islands FW Tóki Krosslá Mortensen
Faroe Islands DF Martin Erlingsson
18 Faroe Islands MF John Villy Leo
40 Faroe Islands DF Pól Thorsteinsson
Faroe Islands DF Gutti Kristiansen

FC Suðuroy - B68 Toftir, Vodafonedeildin April 2010, result: 3-1 to FC Suðuroy

Notable former players for VB Vágur and VB/Sumba[edit]

Players who have played for national teams or for fully pro clubs.

Female football 2012: FC Suðuroy vs. Skála ÍF.
Two FC Suðuroy players: Jón Krosslá Poulsen and Mamuka Toronjadze and one B68 Toftir player on 2 October 2010. FC Suðuroy won the match 2-1.

Managers of FC Suðuroy[edit]

  • Faroe Islands Jón Pauli Olsen (2010–11)
  • Faroe Islands Pól F. Joensen (2011–22 May 12)
  • Faroe Islands Tórður Wiberg Holm, Faroe Islands Bogi Mortensen and Iceland Egill Steinþórsson (interim) (22 May 2012–29 May 12)
  • Slovenia Saša Kolman (29 May 2012–31 October 2012)
  • Faroe Islands Jón Johannesen (13 November 2012–)

Chairmen of FC Suðuroy[edit]

Top Scorers for FC Suðuroy, VB Vágur and VB/Sumba[edit]


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