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Also known as Funky Fresh Concept
Fight Fashion Captivity
Origin Athens, Greece
Genres Hip-Hop
Years active 1987–2005
Labels Polydor
Past members Kostas Kourmentalas(MC)
Dimitris Petsoukis(Producer, MC)
Thomas Putikakis(DJ)
DJ Mix Mad(DJ)
Thodoris Maggos(MC)
Thodoris Sartetzakis(DJ)

FF.C (FortiFied Concept) were a Greek Hip-Hop band founded in 1987.


The group was formed in 1986. Dimitris Petsoukis was experimenting with his synthesizer when in 1987 he met Kostas Kourmentalas via breakdancing and their mutual love for hip-hop. FFC was formed with DJ Mix Mad. Influenced by the American Hip-Hop, FFC was initially standing for Funky Fresh Concept, adopting the stage names of High Cool (Petsoukis) and Fresh Cool G (Kourmentalas) while the majority of their raps was in Greek. Thodoris Maggos (Free Jah Present) and Thomas Putikakis (DJ Everlast) joined the group shortly after the first formation.

Horizon Studio was used for their recordings and in 1993 they release their debut album using their own funds because at that time the Greek music industry didn't recognize hip hop sound as commercially viable. The album's was names Sklhroi Kairoi (Hard Times) which was pressed on 200 vinyl copies. By that time the FFC acronym got a new meaning (renamed) to Fight Fashion Captivity. On this album Dimitris Petsoukis was rapping while most of the lyrics were provided by Kostas Kourmentalas. Thodoris Maggos and DJ Mix Mad left the group after its release while Thodoris Sartetzakis (Sparky T) joined in.

FFC continued recording but soon realised that they had to drop their American influences and start to rap only in Greek. Petsoukis and Kourmentalas renamed their stage names to Skinothetis & Rythodamastis respectively and the group was finally renamed to FortiFied Concept. After getting the industry's recognition thanks to Imiskoubria, major-labels started approaching hip-hop artists. Thodoris Sartetzakis sent a 20-track demo at Polydor Records and they managed to get a record deal with the label in which they released 4 albums: S'alli diastasi [(1997) Thodoris Sartetzakis left the group after its release], I Apeilh(1998), Oxurwmenh Antilipsi (2000) and Yp' Opsin (2002). Because, of their track 'Paramythi' being censored by the label, and not being included in the record Yp'Opsin, they left the label soon after its release. They then decided to release their material independently which led them to Hxotron Productions, were they released their last two final albums. Klassika Ixografimena (2004) and Antilipsies Suneidhshs (2005). After that, the group disbanded due to Kostas Kourmentalas retirement from the music scene.


  • Σκληροί Καιροί - Skliroi Kairoi, Hard Times - (Independent Production - 1993)
  • Σ'άλλη Διάσταση - S'alli Diastasi, In Another Dimension - (Polydor - 1997)
  • Η Απειλή - I Apeili, The Threat - (Polydor - 1998)
  • Οχυρωμένη Αντίληψη - Ohiromeni Antilipsi, Fortified Concept - (Polydor - 2000)
  • Υπ'όψιν - Ip'opsin, Keep in Mind - (Polydor - 2002)
  • Κλασσικά Ηχογραφημένα - Klassika Ihografimena, Classic Recorded - (Ήχοτρον - 2004)
  • Αντιληψίες Συνείδησης - Antilipsies Syneidisis, Concepts of Consciousness - (Ήχοτρον - 2005)