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FFF may refer to:






Science and technology[edit]

  • Field flow fractionation, a chemical separation method
  • Free form fabrication, also known as solid free-form fabrication, equivalent to rapid prototyping, in 3D printing
  • Fused filament fabrication, a non-trademarked term for filament-based 3D printing, equivalent to the trademarked fused deposition modeling
  • FFF system, a humorous system of measurement, using the furlong, firkin, and fortnight as the base units of distance, mass, and time, respectively
  • FFF, a hexadecimal number with the decimal value 4095
  • Fission-fusion-fission, referring to the component stages of the most common type of thermonuclear weapon with a fission primary, a fusion core, and an outer blanket of natural uranium.
  • Form, fit and function, a description of an item's interchangeability characteristics. If the specifications, or criteria, for form, fit and function of a particular item are met, then the item may generally be considered near to an exact identical and hence completely interchangeable with other items having the same requirements and/or use.


  • Female-female-female, a form of threesome involving three females
  • Fuck for Forest, an environmental group that raises money through the production of pornography

Other uses[edit]