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The International Art Medal Federation, or Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d'Art (FIDEM) is a professional international society dedicated to the practice, appreciation, and promotion of the fine art of the art medal (medallion) around the world. It is the foremost society for an artist creating medals to belong to.


Some of its international artists include: Errol Davis, Paula Dawson, Eva Froncek, Viktor Kalinowski, Michael Meszaros, Paul Huybrechts, Bogomil Nikolov, Christian Cardell Corbet, Christian Wirsén, Kerstin Östberg, Vítor Santos, Louise Dentice, Geer Steyn, Ron Dutton, Kate Harrison, Jane McAdam Freud, and Jordi Ramisa.

Philip Attwood is an Executive committee member and the UK delegate.[1]


FIDEM has biennial congresses where it holds a major international exhibition as well as lectures. Publications are often produced in association with these.


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