FIFA Street 2

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FIFA Street 2
FIFA Street 2 Coverart.png
North American cover art featuring Cristiano Ronaldo
Developer(s) EA Canada
Exient Entertainment (DS)
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series FIFA Street
Platform(s) Java ME, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox,
Release date(s)
  • NA February 28, 2006
  • PAL March 3, 2006
Genre(s) Sports (street football)
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

FIFA Street 2 is the 2006 sequel to the EA Sports video game FIFA Street. A new "trick stick beat" system was introduced and new authentic tricks were also introduced. The game was released for the GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PSP and Xbox. The player on the game cover is Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo.

The home console editions of the game received positive reviews for the improvements on the first FIFA Street. However, the hand-held versions, particularly on the DS, were received poorly for not including those innovations.


The player is playing as Portugal, and the icon in the bottom-left indicates that they are controlling Deco. Each team's score in points is at the top of the frame, and the score in goals at the bottom.

The game is a street football game in which the player can take control of 4-a-side versions of national football teams in matches where the object is to win by scoring a set amount of goals or points via tricks, or within a time limit. In the career mode "Rule the Streets", one creates a player and competes in tournaments around the world to obtain "Skill Bills" to buy clothing and upgrade his rating. As the player improves, he can captain his own street football team and eventually become an international. The best players have special moves often named after their nickname.

Legends of football such as Abedi Pele, Eric Cantona and Paul Gascoigne are unlockable during the game.

The game has its own in-game radio station, presented by Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 and featuring music by artists such as Roots Manuva, Sway, Pendulum, The Editors and The Subways.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings Xbox: 65.7% (32 reviews) [17]
PSP: 63.0% (9 reviews) [18]
PS2: 62.3% (32 reviews) [19]
GC: 60.9% (19 reviews) [20]
DS: 44.2% (6 reviews) [21]
Metacritic Xbox: 63% (30 reviews) [22]
GC: 63% (16 reviews) [23]
PS2: 59% (27 reviews) [24]
PSP: 58% (6 reviews) [25]
DS: 43% (5 reviews) [26]
Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot 7.5 / 10 [1][2][3]
PSP: 5.8 / 10 [4]
DS: 3.6 / 10 [5]
GameSpy 2.5/5 stars[11][12][13]
PSP: 2/5 stars [14]
DS: 1.5/5 stars [15]
IGN 6.0 / 10 [6][7][8]
PSP: 6.2 / 10 [9]
DS: 4.8 / 10 [10]
X-Play 4/5 stars [16]

FIFA Street 2's aggregate reviews on Metacritic ranged from a low of 43% for the DS version to a high of 63% on the Xbox and Gamecube.

GameSpot gave 7.5/10 the PS2 version, called it "...a significant improvement over its predecessor" and "fun for solo players and small groups of friends alike". They praised the control system, soundtrack, and length of the career mode, while criticising a lack of an online mode.[1] However, the same critic, Justin Calvert, gave the DS version 3.6/10, praising only the size of the cartridge and box art, while saying that the game "looks and plays like crap". He found its career mode repetitive and the touchscreen control system to be inadequate.[5] Calvert also reviewed the PSP version, giving it 5.8/10, finding it to have the repetition of the console version of the original FIFA Street.[4]


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