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Headquarters New Delhi, India
Budget 0
Staff 2500+
Volunteers 500000+

FIITJEE or Forum for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination is a cram school.[1] Its founder-chairman is Mr. D.K. Goel, himself a mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi.[2]

FIITJEE is well known for the success of its students in various competitive exams such as the NTSE, KVPY, IIT-JEE, etc.FIITJEE has 60 centres throughout India and also 2 centers in the Persian Gulf (Doha, Bahrain). It has 6 branches in Delhi. Some of the top ranks in the country, 7 in top 20 ranks in iit-jee 2013 came from this institute. It is the largest coaching organization in India, with pan-India presence.[3] It provides coaching for JEE-Mains and Advanced, SAT, NTSE.

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