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FILI (Finnish Literature Exchange) is an organisation which supports the translation, printing and publishing of Finnish literature and promotes its awareness abroad. Founded in 1977, FILI is part of the Finnish Literature Society.[1]


Each year, FILI:[1]

  • awards €510,000 in translation and publishing grants to around 300 projects,
  • maintains a database of all translations of Finnish literature in association with the library of the Finnish Literature Society,
  • organises translator seminars and runs an internship scheme for young translators,
  • arranges visits by authors, critics and academics to 200-250 literary events abroad,
  • runs a stand at six book fairs around the world from Gothenburg to Tokyo,
  • invites foreign publishers to Finland to introduce them to the literary scene,
  • works in association with literary partners on international projects,
  • co-operates with the quarterly journal Books from Finland


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