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Type daily
Owner(s) Intelligence Group llc
Founder(s) Zviad Pochkhua
Founded October 6, 2005
Political alignment Non
Language Georgian, English
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Tbilisi, Georgia
Circulation 10,000 weekly
Sister newspapers Wealth magazine

The FINANCIAL is a daily newspaper published by Intelligence Group llc in Georgia. The newspaper runs a global website in English [1] and in Georgian.[2]

The FINANCIAL has a weekly official circulation of 10,000 printed newspapers. They have a daily page viewing of 100,000.[3]

In addition the company publishes monthly magazine WEALTH which is exclusively delivered to all premium hotel rooms of Georgia.

The FINANCIAL together with Global Idea llc is the official organizer of the annual award ceremony - Golden Brand.[4]

The FINANCIAL publishes following annual editions: Best Georgian Banks, Green Business - Oil&Environment, TravelBusiness, Corporate Social Responsibility, US Business in Georgia.

The FINANCIAL is the general media partner for all major international business events in Tbilisi. In 2010 and 2011 it was the general media sponsor of International Banking Conferences in Baku and Batumi.

In 2010 The FINANCIAL was named country media sponsor for HSBC sponsored European Business Awards.[5] In March 2010 The FINANCIAL presented Georgian version of newspaper.[2]

Since 2009 company runs professional online network which has more than 4 000 C and A category users.

in March 2011 The FINANCIAL first in Georgia introduced QR mobile codes on its printed edition, allowing readers to scan and read articles on their mobile phones.


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