FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy

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The FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy is an annual, international synchronized swimming event, organized by FINA.[1] To highlight the beauty of synchronized swimming, this competition differ from other top-level international competitions: scores are given for the Artistic Impression only, accessories or equipment are permitted, etc. It was first held in 2006.[2]

For the event, 8-12 nations are invited to compete, based on their rankings from recent FINA World Championships and the Olympic Games.


Year Events Location Dates
2006 D, T, FC Moscow, Russia
2007 D, T, FC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2008 DF, DT, TF, FC Madrid, Spain December 5-7
2009 S, DT, T, FC, SH Montreal, Canada November 27-29
2010 DT, T, FC, SH Moscow, Russia December 3-10
2011 DT, T, FC, SH Beijing, China December 9-11
2012 DT, T, FC, SH Mexico City, Mexico December 5-8
2013 DT, T, FC, SH Mexico City, Mexico December 5-8

Event codes: S= Free-Solo, D= Duet, DF= Duet-Free, DT= Duet-Thematic, T= Team, TF= Team-Free, FC= Free Combination, SH=Synchro Highlight routine.


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