FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships 1997

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The 1997 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships were held between February 6th and February 9th at the Iizuna Kogen Ski Area in Japan. The World Championships featured both men's and women's events in the Moguls, Aerials, and Acro Skiing, and a men's Combined event. This was a test event for the freestyle skiing events that would take place at the Winter Olympics near Nagano the following year.


Men's results[edit]


Medal Name Nation Result
1st Jean-Luc Brassard  Canada 27.52
2nd Stephane Rochon  Canada 26.00
3rd Jesper Roennback  Sweden 25.43


Medal Name Nation Result
1st Nicolas Fontaine  Canada 254.97
2nd Eric Bergoust  United States 245.63
3rd Andy Capicik  Canada 235.38

Acro Skiing[10][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Fabrice Becker  France 26.89
2nd Ian Edmondson  United States 26.39
3rd Heini Baumgartner   Switzerland 25.39


Medal Name Nation
1st Darcy Downs  Canada 30.00
2nd Toben Sutherland  Canada 27.60
3rd Oleg Kouleshov  Belarus 24.00

Women's results[edit]


Medal Name Nation Result
1st Candice Gilg  France 24.84
2nd Donna Weinbrecht  United States 24.60
3rd Tatjana Mittermayer  Germany 24.19


Medal Name Nation Result
1st Kirstie Marshall  Australia 197.91
2nd Michele Rohrbach   Switzerland 177.84
3rd Veronica Brenner  Canada 176.78

Acro Skiing[14][edit]

Medal Name Nation
1st Oksana Kushenko  Russia 25.80
2nd Aasa Magnusson  Sweden 25.25
3rd Annika Johansson  Sweden 25.25


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