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FMYI Site Home Page.png
An FMYI site home page
Developer(s) FMYI Inc.
Initial release 2004
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Project management
License SaaS

FMYI (sometimes stylized as FMYI [for my innovation]), is a freemium web-based private social network tool developed by FMYI Inc. in Portland, OR.


The free version of FMYI provides file sharing, tasking, messaging, calendar and event sharing, customer support, search labels, tiered permission levels and email notifications and reminders. The paid versions may additionally include team tasking, custom importing, scheduled letters, surveys, advanced searching, topic tagging, post by email and heavily restricted permission settings for extranet usage, depending on the level of customization.


FMYI Inc. was founded in 2004 by Justin Yuen after he left Nike's corporate social responsibility team.[1] He remains the president of the company and has not taken venture capital to support the company, instead looking to bootstrap the company's success.[2]

Current and former clients include: Nike, Sony, HBO,[3] Aflac, Hyatt[4] and MTV's Room Raiders.[1]

FMYI purchases renewable energy credits for clients' energy use on FMYI.[3] Employees are expected to complete Natural Step training and are allowed to volunteer during the workday.[5]

FMYI released the 7th version of their system, "FMYI 7.0", on January 26, 2013.[6]

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