FN Ballista

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Type Sniper Rifle
Place of origin  Belgium
Production history
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Action Bolt Action
Feed system
  • .308 Win.: 8 or 15 rounds
  • .300 Win. Mag.: 6 or 10 rounds
  • .338 Lapua: 5 or 8 rounds

The FN Ballista is a sniper rifle developed by FN Herstal designed to meet the requirements of the Precision Sniper Rifle for the US Army. It was developed in late 2010 and put under testing. It is configured so that the barrel, firing pin and the bolt can be changed within a matter of minutes to shoot different types of ammunition, such as .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum.[1][2] The company states that it compares with the Remington MSR, the Armalite AR-30, and the Accuracy International AWM. The Remington MSR was selected as the winner of the PSR competition.[3]


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