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F-crimp is a type of solderless electrical crimp connection. It is not related to the F connector common in RF equipment.

It is sometimes referred to as open-barrel, which is technically a more general term including crimp types such as Weather Pack and Metri Pack.

F-crimp is a more mechanically robust crimp connection compared to the common barrel-crimp type readily available at retail locations (Radio Shack, Home Depot, etc.). It also has an optional second crimp section that crimps to the insulation, providing strain relief. Because of these characteristics, automobiles use F-crimp almost exclusively. F-crimp was devised to eliminate the need for soldered connections - crimping can be preferred to soldering in mass production because it is easier to reproduce reliable connections.

The term F crimp was originally used coined by Tyco Electronics, however terminals of this style are currently manufactured by multiple companies. Crimpers are available from multiple sources: manufactures of the connectors typically offer industrial crimp devices for high volume production, and specialty hand tools companies such as Ideal and Paladin offer dies for hand crimpers. For instance, Paladin die #2033 is designed for open barrel / F-crimp connectors.

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