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For the Brazilian footballer, see Fábio Costa.

Fabio Ciglioni Martins Costa, also Fábio (São Paulo, 1971) is a Brazilian-born Brazilian Italian conductor and composer.

Fabio Costa speaks to audience during a symphonic concert.


Fabio Ciglioni Martins Costa was born in São Paulo, Brazil, to an engineer and a psychologist, with family roots in Portugal and Italy; Costa is a dual Brazilian/Italian citizen, and was partly raised in Germany (1982–1984). His grandfather Waldemar Ciglioni was a popular radiophonic actor, and great-grandfather Armando Ciglioni, a neapolitan-song composer/impresario and violinist at São Paulo Opera House.

Costa started out musically self-taught at age 8 (piano and composition) deciding by age 14 to become a professional musician; a year of horn studies was then followed by oboe studies at age 16 and 8 years of professional activity as an orchestral oboist, chamber musician and soloist.

Costa won the 1995 Conducting Competition of the São Paulo Symphony and debuted subsequently as a conductor with that orchestra. After a year of oboe studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest (1995–1996) video, Costa went on to pursue a career as a conductor.

Between 1996–1999 Costa studied at the Vienna Music Academy (opera and orchestral conducting, class Uros Lajovic) with a special scolarship of the Brazilian Government; he was also coached by Kurt Masur video (São Paulo 2001 and 2003), Leonard Slatkin and Murry Sidlin (National Conducting Institute, Washington DC, 2001) and Gianluigi Gelmetti (Accademia Chigiana, Siena Italy, 2005).


Fabio Costa, Brazilian-born conductor, is interview by TV crew after open-air concert in Montes Claros, MG, Brazil, in April 2008.

Fabio Costa began his professional career (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil) with a schedule of about 25 symphonic concerts over the 1999/2000 season, and as Associate Conductor of the Spokane Symphony Orchestra and Director of Orchestras at Eastern Washington University- positions he held until 2003 – he conducted over 80 concerts, with a total audience estimated at about 70.000 people video.

Acting mainly as a guest conductor between 2004 and 2007, he appeared with the Orquestra Petrobrás Sinfonica, São Paulo University Orchestra, Paraná State Orchestra video, São Paulo City Youth Orchestra (Orquestra Experimental de Repertório),[1] São Paulo State Youth Orchestra, São Paulo Radio Orchestra (extinct)[2] video Orquestra Amazonas Filarmônica, Mendoza Symphony Orchestra.[3][4]

A concert crowd estimated at 7.000 people attending an open-air concert in Diamantina, MG, Brazil; on 10 April 2008

In 2008, Costa participated in establishing the Minas Gerais Philharmonic, a major Brazilian orchestra, as its Assistant Conductor. In that position, he conductedover 60 concert performances that took place throughout federal state of Minas Gerais video. This effort reached an audience of over 80.000 people, in over 30 locations state-wide, mostly with cost-free access to the public at large,[5][6][7] including a relevant number of under-privileged communities in various state regions.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21] As of 2010, Fabio Costa has conducted over 200 concert performances to an estimated audience of over 150.000 attendants.

As church and opera conductor, Costa took part in productions of Le Nozze Di Figaro; Zauberflöte (coaching, Vienna Music Academy) “The Metamorphosis”, (coaching and conducting, Vienna Music Academy); Gianni Schicchi, La Gioconda, Othello, Werther (coaching, Manaus Opera House), Fosca (Carlos Gomes – coaching and conducting, Manaus Opera House), Macbeth (coaching, conducting[22]Palacio das Artes, Belo Horizonte) video.

Open-air symphony performance on the main square of Contagem, MG, Brazil, on 3 October 2009


Among his compositional works, the choral work of humanistic and socio-environmental content “Psalm for the Earth” has been awarded the 2008 Composition Prize of the Brazilian Music Academy (II Prêmio Cláudio Santoro de Composição Musical, 2008). His latest work, including “Psalm for the Earth” explores the use of a non-equal temperament derived from the harmonic series that reflects whole-number[disambiguation needed], “pure” or “natural” frequency relationships video/audio video/audio.

List of selected works[edit]


12 Bagatelles for Piano – (1996)video/score
Prelude for Piano– (2002) video/score
3 Short Polyphonic Pieces for Piano– (1999–2000) video/score
Eclogue for Piano- (2002)
Etude for Piano– (2003) video/score
Fuga a 4 for Piano–(2002)
Sospiri– (2003)
Papillon: Brief Life and Death of a Butterfly(2002) video/score
Valsa Lenta em Tons Terra– (2004)
Second Prelude for Piano– (2006) video/score

Piano 4 Hands[edit]

Fantasia Polifonica Sopra “O Cravo Brigou com a Rosa”


Prelude-Meditation for Organ(2006) video/score


Prelude and Fugue for Piano, Horn and Violoncello (1987)
2 Lieder for Piano, Oboe and Bariton (1988)
3 Phantasiestücke for Clarinet or Viola and Piano – 1992
Nonett – 1994
3 Late Romantic Songs after Rilke and Trakl– 1996

String Orchestra[edit]

Fantasia Polifonica Sopra “O Cravo Brigou com a Rosa”
Sospiri for String Orchestra
Valsa lenta em Tons Terra

String Orchestra and Soloist[edit]

Meine Frühverliehene Lieder(Lied, after Rilke), Sopran or Tenor


Der Tod des Dichters (Symphonic Poem nach Rilke) – 1991
Eclogue for Orchestra(2002)
Reminiscences for Orchestra(2004)
Prelude for Orchestra(2007) video
Essay for Orchestra(2007)

Orchestra and Soloist[edit]

3 Late Romantic Lieder after Rilke and Trakl for Sopran or Tenor and Orchestra


“Psalm for the Earth” for SATB solo, Choir SATB, obligato percussion quartet, Organ and Orchestra (2007)


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