Fabiola Rodas

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Fabiola Rodas
Birth name Jackeline Fabiola Rodas Valladares
Born (1992-09-06) September 6, 1992 (age 22)
Origin Guatemala City, Guatemala
Genres Latin/Pop
Instruments Voice
Years active 2001-Present
Associated acts La Academia
Website http://www.fabiola.tv

Jackeline Fabiola Rodas Valladares (born September 6, 1992, in Guatemala City, Guatemala) is a Guatemalan singer who gained international fame by coming in 2nd place on the reality show La Academia--Última Generación in 2008; and most recently crowned the winner of El Gran Desafío de Estrellas, defeating the original La Academia winner, Myriam. Since very little, she has displayed an interest in singing, dancing and music. She speaks Spanish and is currently learning English, German and Italian. Recently she had to pause studying Bachelor of Tourism due to La Academia, which promotes TV Azteca International.[1]



Won first place in a contest organized by The Teletón in Guatemala.


Opened the first concert of Belinda in Guatemala.

Child was declared artist of the year.


She opened the concert for the first generation of La Academia of TV Azteca

She opened the concert by the duo Pimpinela.

She opened the concert for Pandora.

She opened the concert for Angélica Vale.


She opened the concert in Guatemala for Eros Ramazotti in his tour Eros9.

She opened concert for Alberto Cortez

Guatemala represented in "World Championships of Performing Arts" won 7 gold medals and top 5 awards in 7 categories, such as Music Genres: R & B, Pop, Rock, Latin, Dance and Vocal Broadway.


She opened 2 concerts for Vicente Fernández.

Participated in Codigo Fama Internacional Televisa Mexico where she earned third place.

Launched her first concert, in which she invited some of her friends of Codigo Fama Internacional and Zapping Zone, after returning from her participation in Codigo Fama Internacional Televisa Mexico

She was also invited by Marcelo Tinelli from Argentina, to participate in ShowMatch for a period of 3 months. The Argentine public showed all their admiration, support and sympathy to Fabiola, becoming the first Guatemalan girl recognized and loved in Argentina. Moreover, at each occurrence of Fabiola in Show-Match, the rating rose very significantly.


She was invited to the events of arroba gold in Los Angeles, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Received and accepted an invitation to ShowMatch program, on which she awarded the first place. In this occasion, the rating left a lot to talk about because of raising more than 32 points in each share, beating all the local competition, even better ratings above, where there were presentations by artists such as Ricky Martin, Chayanne, etc.


This year she has had several appearances in her country, and recently won second place in the last generation of La Academia


On January 10 she offered a concert in Guatemala. With all she sang inside La Academia. This concert was to thank all the support Guatemala gave her.

On July 26, Fabiola was crowned the winner of Desafio de Estrellas#El Gran Desafío de Estrellas and wins 3 million of mexican pesos. She is currently recording her first CD which will be available on December.

Inside La Academia[edit]

Fabiola inside La Academia felt very insecure. She was well received by critics in the majority of the concerts. Whenever she got bad critics it was because of the songs chosen for her by the professors or well, for some vocal mistakes that every artist has. La Academia was a reality show for singers from 16–25 years old. Inside the house they were taught singing, dancing, acting and many different activities. It was a four months' period, and each Sunday there was a concert, on which students were eliminated one by one. Fabiola showed everyone she was a great performer and that she had the potential to make it to the finale and so she did. Fabiola received many tasks during La Academia, like getting out some cliches she had gotten, she was marked because of imitating Christina Aguilera. Since she was a little girl, Fabiola listened to R&B, Jazz and Blues music. Considered as one of the best voices and students La Academia had, she got the 2nd place.

Elimination chart[edit]

Female Male Top 20 Top 24
Stage: Semi-Finals Finals Grand Finale
Week: 08/311 09/07 09/14 09/21 09/28 10/05 10/12 10/19 10/26 11/02 11/09 11/16 11/23 11/30 12/14
Place Contestant Result
1 Maria Fernanda Winner
2 Fabiola Rodas Runner-Up
3 Luis Armando Lozano 3rd Place
4 Valeria Dessens 4th Place
5 Perla Estrada 5th place
6 Alex Garza Elim
7 Jacqueline González Elim
8 Matías Aranda Elim
9 Wilfredo Pineda Elim
10 Estebán Velázquez Elim
11 Cinthia Urtiaga Elim
12 Iván Estrada Elim
13-16 Fátima Molina Elim
Héctor Silva Elim
Alba Alcudia Elim
Gerardo Castillo Elim
17-20 Monserrat Monroy Elim
Dazahev López Elim
Alejandra Sandoval Elim
José Roberto Carrillo Elim
21-24 Sergio Castro Elim
Manuel Murillo
Erik Uziel Salinas
Flor de María

1Lyanne Rebeca García Parra was EXPELLED before Concert 1.

Performances in La Academia[edit]

Concert 1: Las de la Intuicion - Shakira

Concert 2: Volvere - Jesse & Joy

Concert 3: Luz Sin Gravedad - Belinda

Concert 4: Viveme - Laura Pausini

Concert 5: Daria - La Quinta Estación

Concert 6: El Amor Coloca - Mónica Naranjo

Concert 7: Quien Eres Tu -Yuri

Concert 8: Se Como Duele - Karina

Concert 9: Lo siento - Belinda

Concert 10:Tocando Fondo - Kalimba

Concert 11:Como Olvidar - Olga Tañón

Concert 12:Tristes Recuerdos - Pepe Aguilar

Concert 13:Cuando Baja La Marea - Yuri

Concert 14:Yo pa' ti no Estoy - Rossana

Concert 15:Por Cobardia - Lila Deneken

Concert 15:Ven conmigo - Christina Aguilera

FINALE 1 SONG: Regresa A Mi - Toni Braxton

FINALE 2 SONG: Como Olvidar - Olga Tañón

Performances in El Gran Desafio[edit]

Concert 7: Otro Amor Vendra - Lara Fabian

Concert 8: Un Poco de Amor - Queen

Concert 9: Mi Alma Te Seguira - Celine Dion

Concert 10:Angel - Robbie Williams

Concert 11:Quien Eres Tu - Yuri

Concert 12:Without You/Sin Ti - Harry Nilsson

Concert 13:Fame - Irene Cara

La Cigarra - Lola Beltrán

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Concert 14: The Power of Love - Celine Dion

No Te Quiero Nada - Ha*Ash

Te Conozco Bien - Marc Anthony

Por Ti Volare - Andrea Bocelli


In early 2010, she released her first album with 2 new songs, 1 Telenovela theme and 7 covers.

Mi Gran Desafío[edit]

01. Mi Sed - Previously Unreleased

02. Alma Rota - Previously Unreleased

03. Mi Corazón se irá ("My Heart Will Go On")

04. No Se Vivir Si No es Contigo ("Without You")

05. Fama ("Fame")

06. I Will Always Love You

07. ¿Quién Eres Tu? ("Love Will Lead You Back")

08. Otro Amor Vendrá ("I Will Love Again")

09. Cuando Baja La Marea

10. Pobre Diabla - Telenovela Theme

Mi Gran Desafío International Edition[edit]

01. Mi Sed - Previously Unreleased

02. Alma Rota - Previously Unreleased

03. Mi Corazón se irá ("My Heart Will Go On")

04. No Se Vivir Si No es Contigo ("Without You")

05. Víveme ("Vivimi")

06. Fama ("Fame")

07. Ven Conmigo ("Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)")

08. I Will Always Love You

09. ¿Quién Eres Tu? ("Love Will Lead You Back")

10. Otro Amor Vendrá ("I Will Love Again")

11. Cuando Baja La Marea

12. Por Cobardía

13. Pobre Diabla - Telenovela Theme

14. Como Olvidar

15. Por Ti Volaré ("Con te partirò")


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