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Compilation album by The Herbaliser
Released February 6, 2006
Genre Hip hop, funk
Length 70:24
Label Fabric
Producer The Herbaliser
The Herbaliser chronology
Take London
Fabric Live 26
Same As It Never Was
FabricLive chronology

FabricLive.26 is a DJ mix album, mixed by The Herbaliser, recorded as part of the FabricLive albums and released on the Fabric label in February 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Million Dan - "Dogz n Sledgez"
  2. J-Sands (of The Lone Catalysts) - "Southern Lady"
  3. 2 tracks mixed
  4. Blufoot - "Alphabet Man" (feat. Yungun)
  5. Hurby's Machine - "I Got an Attitude" (feat. Antoinette)
  6. Harry Love - "Surprize" (feat. Verb. T, Yungun & Mystro)
  7. 2 tracks mixed
  8. James Brown - "Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing"
  9. Lefties Soul Connection - "Welly Wanging"
  10. J Rocc - "Play this (One)"
  11. Eric B. & Rakim - "Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness)" (Coldcut Remix)
  12. Demon Boyz - "Glimity Glamity"
  13. Cappo - "I.D.S.T."
  14. The Nextmen - "Spin it Round" (feat. Dynamite MC)
  15. The Jackson 5 - It's Great to be Here
  16. Breakestra - "Family Rap" (feat. Chali 2na, Soup, Double K, Wolf & Munyungo Jackson)
  17. Apathy - "It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold Us Back" (feat. Emilio Lopez)
  18. The Herbaliser - "Gadget Funk"
  19. Flying Fish - "Mr Matatwe" (Keep It Up)
  20. Hero No.7 - "Keeping it Real?"
  21. The Roots - "Boom!"
  22. Dynamix 2 - "Just Give the DJ a Break" (12 Club Version)
  23. Diplo - "Newsflash" (feat. Sandra Melody)
  24. Bugz in the Attic - "Booty La La"


The Apathy track "It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold Us Back" is based around a sample of the The White Stripes track, Seven Nation Army, and takes its title from that track combined with the Public Enemy album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

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