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Fabrizio Gatti - International Journalism Festival 2010

Fabrizio Gatti (born 9 March 1966) is an Italian investigative journalist and author. He writes for the Italian weekly l'Espresso and his reportage and undercover investigations have been translated all over the world.

Gatti has travelled most of the routes of immigration into Europe. Between 2003 and 2007 he also crossed the Sahara desert four times with hundreds of migrants, infiltrated a gang of human traffickers in Northern Africa as a gangster's personal driver, was rescued at sea, was jailed in the Lampedusa detention centre as an Iraqi illegal migrant, and worked as a slave labourer on a tomato farm in Italy. Gatti told all his undercover experiences from Africa to Europe in the book «Bilal: My undercover journey into the modern slave-trade» (Rizzoli). The book was also published in French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Born in Milan, he started his career in 1991, writing mostly about illegal immigration, first on Corriere della Sera and, from 2004, on l'Espresso. Gatti was born in Milan.

His preferred investigation method is passing as one of the people he is writing about. On 16 April 2007 he received the 2006 Journalist Award of the European Union, for his reporting about the working conditions of the immigrants in Apulia. In the article Io schiavo in Puglia ("I slave in Apulia")[1] published in L'Espresso, he describes his experience as an undercover immigrant worker at tomato harvest.

Other inquiries deal with the problem of the ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) safety in Milano, the treatment of the Kosovar refugees who try to cross the Swiss border, the life conditions in the Temporary Stay Center from Lampedusa,[2] the situation of Umberto I Clinic in Rome.[3]

In 2007, he received the Italian National Award for Investigative Journalism[4] for his article about differences of treatment of Romanian citizens in Italy and other European Union states.[5]

In 2007, Editore Rizzoli published his book "Bilal. Il mio viaggio da infiltrato nel mercato dei nuovi schiavi" ("Bilal. My undercover journey into the modern slavetrade"