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Facebook Marketing Partners (formerly known as The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program and Facebook PMD Center) is a community started by Facebook[1][2] to serve as a directory of technological companies that specialize in developing tools and apps for social marketing and advertising on Facebook. It was initially launched in April 2012 as Facebook's "Preferred Developer Consultants" and was renamed to Facebook PMD Center on 10 Dec 2012. PMD Center expanded company profile pages includes case studies, white papers and other links to reach out to individual PMDs or submit an RFP to multiple vendors.[3] It helps marketing companies by offering its APIs to integrate with marketing companies' internal system.[4]


The companies are awarded with badges by Facebook, that develop and comply with standard products for Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights on Facebook social media platform stated in its Facebook PMD Center Guideline and desired standards section.[5] There are mainly four kind of badges

  • Pages: It includes companies that manage, schedule, target and moderate Facebook Pages
  • Ads: It include technology companies that create ads, manage and optimize campaigns and view reports for Facebook Ads
  • Apps: It include technology companies that build great social apps with a simple or customizable flow
  • Insights: It include technology companies that analyze, benchmark, track and measure analytics data for Pages, Ads and App Insights


Facebook launched a program with a selection of 9 specialties intended to align with the goals of marketers on the platform:[6]

  • Ad Technology
  • Media Buying (US only)
  • FBX
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Small Business Solutions
  • Audience Onboarding
  • Audience Data Providers
  • Measurement

Strategic PMD[edit]

According to Facebook PMD Center, Strategic PMD is a designation offered only to a small group of PMDs that are driving impact in marketing developer ecosystem of Facebook.[7] Strategic PMDs are also offered Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights badges on their profile. Adobe, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Brand Networks are the only SPMDs among all 14 SPMD with all four badges on their profile page.


The main features of PMD Center are[8]

  • Specialty lists, which allow marketers to browse PMDs by core expertise.
  • Showcasing of recently announced Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers, Facebook Exchange partners, and mobile measurement partners.
  • The ability to submit requests for proposals directly via an integrated form.


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