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Background information
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Metal
Years active 2005-
Labels Black Lodge Records
Associated acts Eternal Oath
Lions Share
Seventh Wonder
Members Timo Hovinen
Stefan Norgren
Petri Tarvainen
Mika Kajanen
David Bertilsson
Past members Peter Nagy
Peter Wendin

Faceshift is a metal band, formed in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Formed in the southern suburbs of Stockholm in 2005, Faceshift rose out of the ashes of then recently disbanded death metal act Eternal Oath.[1][2]

Veterans Petri Tarvainen and Peter Nagy (rhythm and lead guitars respectively) alongside new keyboardist Stefan Norgren formed the new band shortly after Eternal Oath's final release "Wither", when members of the death metal/growl vocals venture called it quits. This move would also enable Norgren to return to his main instrument, the drums and with vocal powerhouse Timo Hovinen, long time friend of the band, Faceshift released their debut album Reconcile.[3]

The album was recorded at Offbeat Studios in 2006 mixing old metal elements with a new, more powerful and to the point approach to songwriting. The album was released in 2008 and Nagy soon left leaving the band lacking both a bass player and a guitarist. After a year's hiatus, Mika Kajanen and David Bertilsson completed the new five-member piece to continue the metal tradition.



  • 2007: Reconcile (Black Lodge Records)


  1. Reality/Fatality (3:54)
  2. My Own Demise (4:20)
  3. Self Appointed Victim (3:41)
  4. No Cure Sickness (3:35)
  5. Live The Lie (5:17)
  6. The Dark Domain (4:26)
  7. Chokehold (4:11)
  8. Reconcile (4:03)
  9. Greater Than I (3:42)
  10. The Craving (4:09)
  11. Bound (3:18)
  12. Conclusion (4:51)


  • 2012: "A New Beginning"


  1. New Beginning (04.17)
  2. Awaken (04.39)
  • 2007: "Chokehold" (Black Lodge Records)

==Members== [6]

  • Timo Hovinen - vocals
  • Stefan Norgren - drums, vocals
  • David Bertilsson - guitar
  • Petri Tarvainen - guitar
  • Mika Kajanen - bass guitar

Past members[edit]

  • Peter Nagy-Eklöf - guitar (2005-2008)
  • Peter Wendin - bass guitar


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