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The Faculty of Law at Laval University, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in North America. It hosts more than 1,000 students in its curriculum of first, second and third years, with more than 45 lecturers teaching and supervising research projects in most areas of law. The research activity is particularly intense in the field of human rights and public freedoms in light of legal issues, economic law, environmental law and public law and private international trade.

Teaching and research are based on a law library with more than 200,000 documents, which receives subscriptions of several hundred legal periodicals from Quebec, Canada, and abroad.

University rankings
Global rankings
Université Laval
Canadian rankings
Maclean's Civil Law[1] 4


The Laval Faculty of Law allows for specializations in:

  • Public law
  • Commercial Law
  • International Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Judicial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law


The Laval Law School has educated many prominent Canadians. Many alumni have distinguished themselves in English and French Canada, most notably, in the fields of the civil service, politics, the judiciary, and business.

Numerous public figures, including Prime Ministers of Canada, Premiers of Quebec, Supreme Court Justices, federal Cabinet Ministers, Senators, and Lieutenant-Governors attended the Laval Faculty of Law.




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