Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya

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Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya
Established 1942
Type Public
Dean Prof. A.M. Navarathna Bandara
Academic staff 201
Students 3614
Undergraduates 2905
Postgraduates 709
Location Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Campus Subrban
Website www.arts.pdn.ac.lk

Coordinates: 7°15′15″N 80°35′48″E / 7.25417°N 80.59667°E / 7.25417; 80.59667 Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya is the largest single faculty in the entire university system of Sri Lanka.[1]


Foundation of Departments of the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya
Department Year Founded

Department of Classical Languages 1942
Department of English 1942
Department of Geography 1942
Department of History 1942
Department of Philosophy 1942
Department of Oriental Languages (Dissolved in 1943) 1942
Department of Economics 1942
Department of Tamil 1943
Department of Pali 1943
Department of Sanskrit 1943
Department of Sinhalese 1943
Department of Law 1945
Department of Arabic 1945
Department of Sociology 1949
Department of Education 1949
Department of Modern Languages 1949
Department of Archaeology 1959
Department of Buddhist Philosophy 1964
Department of Fine Arts 2001
Department of Management Studies 2002

Faculty of Arts is located approximately in the middle of the university's main campus. Faculty is about two kilometres away from the Galaha junction in the Galaha road. It is well known for its supreme natural beauty.


Faculty's history dates back to the beginning of Sri Lanka's university system. Sri Lanka's first university, University of Ceylon is established in 1942 under the guidance of Sir Ivor Jennings. Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Oriental Studies were two of the 4 academic faculties in the university.[2] They were located in Colombo at the beginning. With the establishment of the Peradeniya campus, those faculties were brought to Peradeniya in 1952. The two faculties operated separately until they were amalgamated in 1972.

Academic programs[edit]

Faculty of Arts offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Undergraduate study[edit]

Faculty has 16 academic departments for undergraduate study. Traditional degrees offered at undergraduate level are; Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of Arts (Special) – in 18 different disciplines and Bachelor of Commerce. Other than that, faculty has started conducting two new degree programs, Bachelor of Business Administration and LLB in recent years.

Departments of the Arts faculty[edit]

Arts faculty of the University of Perdeniya has 18 departments, Units and centers. Those departments are separately established for provide course enrollments.

S.No Departments and Units avenue
01 Department of Archaeology Main Arts building (MA)
02 Department of Arabic and Islamic civilization Main Arts building (MA)
03 Department of Classical Languages Main Arts building (MA)
04 Department of Economic and Statistics New Arts Building (NA)
05 Department of Education Jasuriya Building (JB)
06 Department of English Main Arts building (MA)
07 Department of Fine Arts A-4 Building
08 Department of Geography Geography Building (GB)
09 Department of History Main Arts building (MA)
10 Department of Law A-5 Building
11 Department of Management Studies New Arts Building (NA)
12 Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies Main Arts building (MA)
13 Department of Philosophy and Physoclogy New Arts Building (NA)
14 Department of Political Science New Arts Building (NA)
15 Department of Sinhalese Main Arts building (MA)
16 Department of Sociology New Arts Building (NA)
17 Department of Tamil Main Arts building (MA)
18 Post Graduate Unit Post Graduate Building (PG)
19 English Language teaching Unit Main Arts building (MA)

Postgraduate study[edit]

Postgraduate degrees leading to Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and several Postgraduate Diplomas are also offered. Study programs are conducted in all English, Sinhala and Tamil media.[3]


Main library of University of Peradeniya serves primarily the Arts faculty. It is one of the largest libraries in Sri Lanka containing more than 800,000 items.


A traditional lion statue in front of the senate building of the university. Sculptures like this are all-over the faculty

Dean is the head of the academic and non-academic staff. Heads of departments, the assistant registrar, bursar several other key officers work under the dean.


Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya is also known for its architecture. The Senate building, located within the faculty is constructed on hundreds of stone pillars. Each of them contain traditional carvings of Sri Lanka. Other than that, the seven floor library building and Sarachchandra open air theatre are notable constructions within the faculty. Many traditional sculptures are seen all-over the faculty premises.

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