Faculty of Economics (UNAM)

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Faculty of Economics(UNAM)
Logo economia.jpg
Seal of UNAM's Faculty of Economics
Established 1929
Type Faculty
Director Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas
Students 3.125
Location Mexico City,  Mexico
Colors Black, Red & Gold
Website [1]

The Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico has its predecessor in the then named National School of Economics


The National School of Economics was founded on February 10, 1929, when an economics section was established in the old National School of jurisprudence of the not yet Autonomous National University of Mexico. Since its beginning and up to 1934 it operated from the National School of Jurisprudence building. In 1935, when it became the National School of Economics moved to the annex building of the Jurisprudence school at México City’s downtown.

Eventually, the National School of Economics began to occupy several buildings of the downtown area, the one it occupied the longest (from March 1938 to June 1954) was located at 92 Tacuba Street. In 1954 the National School of Economics finally moved to Ciudad Universitaria. In 1976 as an agreement of the University council, The National School of Economics transformed to a Faculty.

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