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Faena Arts Center
Faena Arts Center.jpg
Exterior view of the Faena Arts Center building in Buenos Aires
Faena Arts Center is located in Buenos Aires
Faena Arts Center
Location within Buenos Aires
Location Aimé Paine 1169, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires
Coordinates 34°36′49″S 58°21′42″W / 34.6137°S 58.3616°W / -34.6137; -58.3616
Type Arts centre
Director Ximena Caminos
Owner Faena Group
Public transit access Leandro N. Alem (Buenos Aires Metro), Line B (Buenos Aires Metro)
Website Faena Arts Center - Official Website

The Faena Arts Center is the cultural center of the Faena District Buenos Aires, a residential and cultural community in the Puerto Madero waterfront in Buenos Aires developed by the Faena Group and opened in September 2011.

History of the Building & Renovation[edit]

The Faena Arts Center was built out of one of Argentina’s first big flour mills. In what used to be the mill’s old machine room, the main exhibition space has been rebuilt to retain the original details from the 1900s. The spacious, light-filled center, which is over 4,000 m2, is housed by soaring ceilings, semicircular arches, bay windows and other hallmarks of turn-of-the-century industrial architecture.[1][2]

Past Exhibitions[edit]

The Faena Arts Center presents works by international artists in order to create a dialogue with the Argentinean scene, as well as offering local artists the chance to debut. The inaugural exhibition featured a monumental installation by Brazilian contemporary artist Ernesto Neto, curated by the Tate Modern’s Jessica Morgan.[3][4] In May 2012, the Cuban duo Los Carpinteros debuted their first solo in Buenos Aires.[5][6][7] In November 2011, German artist Franz Ackermann exhibited the results of his voyages around Buenos Aires with the largest mural of his career, also his first show in Buenos Aires.[8][9]

Faena Prize for the Arts[edit]

The Faena Prize for the Arts was launched in order to promote artistic experimentation, foster the connections between the expressions of different artistic disciplines and explore all of the possible combinations of art, technology and design. The competition is open to all artists all over the world, and it is also open to work in different media (installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs, works that include design and architecture, film or video pieces, or combination of the aforementioned disciplines) to create a project that responds or occupies the center’s space in a significant way.[10][11]

2012 Edition[edit]

The 2012 Faena Prize for the Arts winner was awarded to Argentinean visual artist, Franco Dario Vico.[12][13] The 2012 jury included US based Carlos Basualdo, curator of contemporary art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Paris based Caroline Bourgeois, curator at the Artis/Francois Pinault Foundation, and Buenos Aires based curator Ines Katzenstein, director of the art department at the Torcuato Di Tella University, under the supervision of Ximena Caminos, Executive Director of the Faena Arts Center.[14]

The artist received a grant of $25,000 as well as up to $50,000 to finance the production of a site-specific project that will be exhibited at the Faena Arts Center mid-2013.[15][16]


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