Faerie Stories

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Faerie Stories
Studio album by Peatbog Faeries
Released 4 June 2001
Recorded Lealt Falls, Skye, Scotland / Apollo Recording, Glasgow, Scotland / Mortonhall Cottage, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1999
Genre Celtic fusion, electronica, dubtronica, hard house
Length 67:12
Label Greentrax Recordings
Producer Jason Famous
Peatbog Faeries chronology
Faerie Stories
Welcome To Dun Vegas
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The Living Tradition (positive)

Faerie Stories is the second album by Scottish Celtic fusion group Peatbog Faeries, released in 2001 on Greentrax Recordings. The album was reissued in 2008 as a digipack.


The album was seen as a more experimental album than Mellowosity, their previous album. It was seen as a combination of folk with various other genres like Dance and funk. It is the band's longest studio album, was a length of 67 minutes and 12 seconds.


The album was released on 4 June 2001 on Greentrax Recordings, 5 years after their previous effort Mellowosity. It would be their last album on Greentrax, as the band would later set up their own record label, Peatbog Recordings, to release their albums.

In 2008, Astor Place Recordings, who were originally co-label, re-released the album in a digipack. Differences include the track lengths of the songs, which are all slightly different. The front cover now also features a moon, whilst the original 2001 album cover did not.


The album was seen as an important turning point, and has been given very positive reviews.

Keith Whitham of Living Tradition reviewed the album alongside the recent re-release of The Easy Club's 1984 album The Easy Club. He said "With this CD they have stamped their place at the forefront of Celtic cool territory. Musically Faerie Stories is light years apart from their 1996 debut album Mellowosity. Gone is much of the dub style percussion and reflective tonality, in favour of more stirring urban styled rhythms. I don't have a problem with technology in traditional music as long as it's done with both character and respect. Two attributes these six gentlemen from Skye have in abundance."

Track listing[edit]

  1. Martin Roachford's / The Oyster Woman's Rant (7:17)
  2. The Folk Police (5:17)
  3. Captain Coull's Parrot (6:07)
  4. Namedropper / The Little Cascade (8:50)
  5. Faerie Stories (6:31)
  6. Cameronian Rant (6:05)
  7. Get Your Frets Off (5:19)
  8. Mr. Problematic (8:58)
  9. Caberdrone (3:54)
  10. Weirdness (1:00)
  11. Alexander MacAskill of Bernera, Harris (7:48)

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