Fahd Faraj al-Juwair

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Fahd Faraj al-Juwair (Arabic: فهد فرج الجوير‎) (born 1969 - February 28, 2006) was a high-ranking member of al-Qaeda who was the highest member of that organization in Saudi Arabia at the point of his death.

Juwair was born in the town of al-Zulfi in 1969. He joined al-Qaeda after becoming an adult and began to rise up the ranks of importance. After his predecessor Younis al-Hayari was killed in a shootout in Riyadh Juwair took over as al-Qaeda's leader on the Arabian peninsula.

Juwair was killed February 28, 2006 when he led an assault on an oil processing plant in Abqaiq that failed.

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