Failure of the Grand Design

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Failure Of The Grand Design
Studio album by The Resonance Association
Released 22 October 2007
Recorded January - August 2007
Genre Dark ambient, Electronica, Krautrock, Drone
Length 53:48
Label Burning Shed
The Resonance Association chronology
Failure Of The Grand Design
We Still Have The Stars

Failure Of The Grand Design is the debut album from London-based band The Resonance Association, and was released via Burning Shed in October 2007. Described as "the best and most intense album released in 2007" by music website Cool Noise[1] (where it was also named as "album of the year"); progressive site DPRP concluded that the band had "a unique sound devoid, for the most part, of any similarity to other bands" in its favourable review.[2]

In 2010, Failure Of The Grand Design was rereleased digitally with 5 bonus tracks.

Track Listing[edit]

All music composed by Daniel Vincent & Dominic Hemy.

No. Title Length
1. "The Darkening Storm"   4:48
2. "Left Hemisphere"   9:40
3. "God Is In Tiny Boxes"   9:10
4. "Magnetaphon"   2:23
5. "I Have Seen The Future, And I Am Not In It"   9:55
6. "Right Hemisphere"   3:11
7. "Three Hundred And Sixty Degree View"   5:00
8. "Electrolyte"   5:03
9. "Disintegration Of The Grand Design"   4:35
2010 Digital Bonus Tracks
No. Title Length
10. "Montag Morgen (Home Demo)"   5:20
11. "Left Hemisphere (Overloaded Mix)"   6:32
12. "Electrolyte (Single Mix)"   3:21
13. "Left Hemisphere (Live)"   6:24
14. "Disintegration Of The Grand Design (Live)"   4:23


All tracks written and performed by The Resonance Association.
Daniel Vincent: acoustic, electric and bass guitars, synthesisers, piano, programming, sound manipulation.
Dominic Hemy: electric and bass guitars, theremin, synthesisers, field recordings.

Recorded January - August 2007.
Produced and mixed by Daniel Vincent and Dominic Hemy.
Mastered August 2007 by Christopher Hemy.

Photography by Lisa Vincent, graphic design by Carl Glover for aleph studio.