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A failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS) is a system, sometimes carried out using software, that provides a process for reporting, classifying, analyzing failures, and planning corrective actions in response to those failures. It is typically used in an industrial environment to collect data, record and analyse system failures. A FRACAS system may attempt to manage multiple failure reports that are recorded by numerous individuals in different ways. FRACAS produces a history of failure and corrective actions.

The FRACAS [1] method was developed by the US Govt. and first introduced for use by the US Navy and all department of defense agencies in 1985. The method calls for a systematic failure data collection, management, analysis, and corrective action implementation.

FRACAS process is a disciplined closed loop failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system.[2] The FRACAS process is a useful tool in the achievement of product reliability and safety. A FRACAS is used to record all failures and problems related to a product or process and their associated root causes and failure analyses in order to assist in identifying and implementing corrective actions.

One of the most common methods for reliability operational assessment is a FRACAS – a systematic approach for reliability, safety, and logistics assessment based on failure or incident reporting, management, analysis, and corrective/preventive actions. Organizations today are adopting this method (FRACAS) and utilize commercial systems such as a web-based FRACAS application enabling an organization to create a failure/incident data repository from which statistics can be derived to view accurate and genuine reliability, safety, and quality.

Common FRACAS outputs may include: Field MTBF, MTBR, MTTR, spares consumption, reliability growth, failure/incidents distribution by type, location, part no., serial no, symptom, etc.


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Failure reporting, analysis, corrective action system – failure reporting made simple

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