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The Fair Business Association of America, or FBAA, is an association of dubious origin[citation needed] that claims to offer a service akin to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They posit their purpose is to promote "truth in the American workplace". The BBB lists the FBAA with an "unsatisfactory record" citing a "failure to substantiate its advertised claims." [1] The FBAA is reported[by whom?] to solicit companies in poor standing with the BBB to give their company a more respectable image in the consumers' eyes.

The Fair Business Association of America asks potential customers of client companies to "search our extensive database and contact the Fair Business Association of America to enquire and review any business or companies record and history of customer experiences." [2] The website fbba.us, given by the FBAA as the source of the database, is currently not available.

The FBAA claims to verify consumer complaints against companies to protect the client companies from unwarranted harassment and a tarnished public image.

Their consumer affairs line is 1-877-875-FBAA.


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