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Fairview is a secret mass surveillance programme run by the National Security Agency, aimed at collecting phone, internet and e-mail data in bulk from the computers and mobile telephones of foreign countries' citizens.[1] According to 2013 revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden:

The NSA partners with a large US telecommunications company...[which] partners with telecoms in the foreign countries, [which] then allow the US company access to those countries' telecommunications systems, and that access is then exploited to direct traffic to the NSA's repositories.[2]

According to the revelations, the NSA had collected 2.3 billion separate pieces of data from Brazilian users in January 2013 alone.[1]

Several weeks earlier, Snowden had revealed that the NSA was also harvesting the telephone metadata and text messages from over a billion subscribers in China; however, no precise program name was reported at the time.[3]

Fairview also refers to SIGAD US-990 of the same codename, as well as a "key corporate partner" who is not identified in Snowden documents. However that partner was identified on October 23, 2013 by The Washington Post—quoting NSA historian Matthew Aid—as AT&T.[4]

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