Faith + Hope + Love

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Faith + Hope + Love
Live album by Hillsong Church
Released July 2009
Recorded 29 March 2009
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
Genre Contemporary Worship
Label Hillsong
Producer Reuben Morgan,
Joel Houston
Hillsong Music Australia
Live praise & worship chronology
This Is Our God
Faith + Hope + Love
A Beautiful Exchange (2010)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Faith + Hope + Love is the eighteenth album in the live praise and worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church. It was recorded live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 29 March 2009 by the Hillsong Live Worship team led by Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech & Joel Houston. One of the most acclaimed songs on the album is "It's Your Love" sung by Darlene Zschech and Diego Esteban Campos.

Album information[edit]

Joel Houston was quoted saying:

"Beyond the sound, the rhythm, the art... beyond the strings, the keys, the melodies... beyond the stage, the set, the lights... are the people. Ordinary men, women & children, from all walks of life, in all sorts of circumstances and each one with a unique story to tell. This is the Church... and this is Hillsong's 18th live praise and worship album 'faith+hope+love'. Everyone together playing their part and lending their voice to the collective story, our story. The prayer is that 'Faith+Hope+Love' will breathe the light, love and freedom of Christ into your life, and continue to give expression to what God is doing in and through people all over the Earth."[2]

The songs "You Hold Me Now" and "No Reason to Hide" are also featured on the later Hillsong United album Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls, released May 2009.

This is the first Hillsong Live album that does not feature worship leader Marty Sampson since "Touching Heaven Changing Earth" in 1998. It is also the first Hillsong Live album not to take its name from one of its songs.

This album was released in Spain 28 July 2009.

The majority of the songs were written by Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker, and Marty Sampson.

Brooke Fraser, Jad Gillies, Mia Fieldes, Jonathon Douglass, Jill McCloghry, Sam Knock, Robert Fergusson, Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring, and Darlene Zschech contributed songs also.

Track listing (CD)[edit]

Song Author Worship Leader Supporting Vocal Duration
1 The First and the Last Joel Houston y reuben morgan|joel houston kevin curiel garcia| 5:00
2 For Your Name Jad Gillies, Joel Houston, & Reuben Morgan Jad Gillies kevin curiel garcia 3:55
3 Glow Joel Houston & Matt Crocker David Ware kevin curiel garcia,erik martinez 4:56
4 It's Your Love Mia Fieldes Darlene Zschech erik martinez 8:31
5 I Will Exalt You Brooke Fraser Brooke Fraser Nkevin curiel garcia 7:40
6 Yahweh Reuben Morgan David Ware joelhouston | 7:16
7 No Reason To Hide Matt Crocker & Joel Houston Joel Houston None 3:42
8 God One And Only Jonathon Douglass & Sam Knock Jonathon Douglass marimar valadez sotelo 3:29
9 The Wonder Of Your Love Jack Mooring, Leeland Dayton Mooring, & Marty Sampson joel houston, kevin curiel garcia 4:57
10 His Glory Appears Darlene Zschech & Marty Sampson Brooke Ligertwood kevin curiel 3:19
11 We The Redeemed Jill McCloghry Jill McCloghry Reuben Morgan & Darlene Zschech 7:30
12 We Will See Him Robert Fergusson & Reuben Morgan Reuben Morgan marty sampson [3] Darlene Zschech kevin curiel 6:40
13 You Hold Me Now Matt Crocker & Reuben Morgan Jad Gillies & Joel Houston Darlene Zschech 8:15

Track listing (DVD)[edit]

  1. No Reason To Hide (Joel Houston)
  2. God One and Only (Jonathon Douglass)
  3. It's Your Love (Darlene Zschech)
  4. I Will Exalt You (Brooke Fraser)
  5. Yahweh (Dave Ware & Darlene Zschech)
  6. The First and The Last (Joel Houston)
  7. For Your Name (Jad Gilles)
  8. Glow (Dave Ware)
  9. The Wonder of Your Love (Darlene Zschech)
  10. His Glory Appears (Brooke Fraser)
  11. We The Redeemed (Jill McCloghry)
  12. We Will See Him (Reuben Morgan)
  13. You Hold Me Now (Jad Gillies)


Chart (2009) Peak
ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart (Australia) 12
New Zealand Albums Chart 18
U.S. Billboard 200 47
U.S. Billboard Christian Albums 2


The album was nominated for a Dove Award for Long Form Music Video of the Year at the 41st GMA Dove Awards.[4]


WORSHIPERS, MUSICIANS & VOCALISTS Australia y Mexico juan arellano erik martinez marimar valadez sotelo gilberto ramos martha stefany reyes karla jisel lara curiel hillsong en Mexico smail

  • Darlene Zschech - Senior Worship Leader, Senior Lead Vocal, Songwriter
  • Reuben Morgan - Worship pastor, worship leader,acoustic guitar,Lead vocal,
  • Joel Houston - Creative director, worship leader, acoustic guitar, vocal
  • Brooke Fraser - Worship leader, acoustic guitar
  • Jad Gillies - Worship leader, vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar on "You Hold Me Now"
  • Jonathon Douglass (JD) - Worship leader, vocal
  • Dave Ware - Worship leader, vocal
  • Jill McCloghry - Worship leader, acoustic guitar
  • Annie Garratt - Leader backup vocal
  • Matty Crocker - Leader backup vocal
  • Sam Knock - Backup vocal, electric guitar
  • Joel Davies - Backup vocal
  • Kathryn de Araujo - back vocal
  • Esther Donnelly - back vocal
  • Emily Hayes - back vocal
  • Karen Horn - back vocal
  • Anneka Knock - back vocal
  • Dean Ussher - back vocal
  • Catherine Vasilakis - back vocal
  • Nigel Hendroff - electric & acoustic guitar, music director & arranger
  • Ben Fielding - electric guitar
  • Timon Klein - electric guitar
  • Grant Klassen - electric guitar
  • Autumn Hardman - keyboards, music director
  • David Andrew - keyboards
  • Peter James - keyboards
  • Roland James - keyboards
  • Matthew Tennikoff - bass guitar
  • Adam Crosariol - bass guitar
  • Joshua Gagner - bass guitar
  • Bob Mpofu - bass guitar
  • Ben Whincop - bass guitar
  • Rolf Wam Fjell - drums
  • Brandon Gillies - drums
  • Gabriel Kelly - drums
  • Simon Kobler - drums
  • Leora Gardner - violin
  • Hanna Crezee - violin
  • Celeste Shackleton - cello
  • Marc Warry - trombone
  • Elizabeth Gorringe - French horn
  • Tim Whincop - trumpet
  • The Hillsong Choir

kevin curiel garciaºlaen vacal CREATIVE ARTS

  • Joel Houston - creative director
  • Jay Argaet - artwork manager/art director
  • Nicole Scott - art director/digital designing
  • Giles Lambert - cover concept & design
  • Adan Hancock - creative contributor
  • Glenn Stewart - creative contributor


  • Producers - Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan
  • Audio engineers - Ben Whincop, Andrew Crawford, Jim Monk, Josh Telford, James Hurley
  • Live record production management - Brad Law
  • Project manager - Tim Whincop
  • Project co-ordinator - Laura Kelly
  • Event stage direction - Josh Bonett, Lacey Parsons, Nathan Taylor
  • Technical directors - Andrew Starke, Ryan Watts-Thomas, Lukas Jundt, Grant Baker
  • Stage managers - Ashley Byron, Eliane Weyermann, Jessica Williams, Kai Arne Martinson, Kevin Kwan,
  • Stage managers - Sage Williams, Gary Chan, Julie Lachapelle, Adam Dodson
  • Event Production Manager & Front of House Engineer - Michael Cuthbertson
  • Front of House engineer - Bentleigh Tadman
  • Front of House comms - Paul Ross
  • Monitor engineers - Muchiri Gateri, Laura Cooper, Nelda Samy, Andrew Starr, Reid Wall, Solomon Mickley

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