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Faith Dane (born October 3, 1923),[1] now Faith Crannitch,[2] and frequently known simply as Faith, is an actress, musician, and artist. She is also a perennial candidate for elected office in Washington, D.C.[3]

Dane was born in 1923. Now a resident of Washington, D.C., she previously lived in New York City, and the United States Virgin Islands. She was married first to Attorney Russell Johnson and second, in 1983, to Jude Crannitch, an artist from New Zealand.[4] Dane had a comedic role as the bugle-tooting Minsky stripper Mazeppa ("Once I was a schlepper, now I'm Miss Mazeppa"), which she played in both the original Broadway and film versions of Gypsy.[citation needed]

Dane was a candidate for the Virgin Islands Legislature in 1964 on an arts support based platform. She raised funds for various school art programs there, including St. Dunstan's Episcopal High School. She was a candidate for Mayor of Washington, D.C., as an independent in 1990, 1994 and 1998, garnering 110, 423 and 430 votes, respectively. In 2002, she ran in the Democratic primary for Mayor, and received 1,084 votes. On each occasion, she ran on an arts-based platform.[3] In 2010, she ran for Mayor in the D.C. Statehood Green Party primary, winning with 40% of the vote in the face of only write-in opposition.[5] In the general election, she received 1,476 votes. She is running for Mayor again in 2014, winning the Statehood Green primary with 47%, again with only write-in opposition. She was an unsuccessful candidate for the Statehood Green nomination for Shadow Representative in 1992, receiving 34% of the vote to Paul McCallister's 52%, and was an independent candidate for Delegate to Congress from the District of Columbia in 1996, receiving 2,119 votes.[citation needed]


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