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Pronunciation FAH eez, fy-ez
Gender Male
Word/name فیض
Meaning Arabic: successful, victorious[1]
Urdu: grace, favour [2]
Region of origin Middle East, Indian sub-continent, South East Asia
Other names
Related names Faiza, Faizan, Faizi, Faizul, Faizuddin, Faizullah, Faizah, Faizur

Faiz (Arabic: فیض‎) is a male Arabic name meaning "successful" and "victorious".

It is derived from its root word Fa'iz فأز which means successful.

People with the name[edit]

Faiz may also refer to:

Syed Muhammad Faiz Ullah Born in 1996 in Karachi, Pakistn and Migrated to Chicago, USA in Nov 2011 and Moved to Columbia, Maryland in Nov 2012. Moreover still working as IT-Manager in Kingdom of Bahrain.